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  1. PositiveFuture

    watch Mass Awakening Documentary Intro (Mark III)

    Please watch in 480 if you can. I'm still having some quality issues so please bear with blockiness. I'm going to get hold of sorenson squeeze and see if that improves it some. Second, I'll make some of the clips smaller to improve quality. The fade to blacks are still blocky on YT. So I'm...
  2. PositiveFuture

    PAL or NTSC for Youtube uploads. Do you care?

    I googled this a bit and found no conclusive answers. I can export either, and YT accepts both. NTSC is US standard but I will send it to people in a few different continents. Do you have a preference? PAL is better quality on paper but I just don't know.
  3. PositiveFuture

    Any good freeware editing software for the Mac?

    I'm more interested in Pic and Audio quality than fancy SFX. I'll post my results here. Any ideas?
  4. PositiveFuture

    Some Ogg files won't convert. Why?

    When I stick a bunch of ogg video files through a batch converter, about half of them convert fine. When I load the others into my editing software, I get a message like: "general import error" or something similar. I can't remember the exact wording. So why do some convert OK, and others not...
  5. PositiveFuture

    Who owns the copyright to this verision of Beethovens Ninth?

    Am I stupid? I can't find the owner of this one. Probably one of the more amazing renditions.
  6. PositiveFuture

    Delta Blues and Piano Ragtime. Any of it PD yet?

    Praise God I'm satisssssssssssfiiiiiiiiiieeeed... * I think Robert Johnson is still under copyright. Are there any Ragtime or Delta Blues artists who are public domain yet? I could happily soundtrack half my film with this stuff. Well he gave me joy and gladness, for the clouds he rolled...
  7. PositiveFuture

    Infra Red Photography and Camera Conversions

    Shot with a converted 150 buck Sony TRV128... * I can see someone doing a whole movie with this. It could get cheesy-gimmick quickly if you didn't watch yourself. Any other infrared innovators out there?
  8. PositiveFuture

    Are there any good digital B+W features/directors?

    It's easy to tell when someone has stuck a greyscale on a project for a last minute arthouse look. I wondered if there were any good films, or directors, who were really exploring the medium. I think it's got a lot of potential.
  9. PositiveFuture

    Anyone got good results with Argeiphontes Lyre?

    Was given a Mac today from someone who believed in my project. Wooo hooo! I heard a lot of good things about this program but my own personal results were half-assed, even when I spent ages. I'm going to give it another go. I just wondered if anyone else had success with this...
  10. PositiveFuture

    Best Freeware Programs Thread

    Audacity Freeware audio sound editor. Got a lot of support. A decent community. FishSuite Compressors + De-essers Handbrake Crystal clear conversion. Granulab Distorts...
  11. PositiveFuture

    Using the BBC logo in a satire/dystopian 2019 broadcast.

    I want to use the image of the BBC in a futuristic dystopian paraody/satire party political broadcast. Imagine a mass mind control commercial in the year 2019. Audio rough draft snippet (mock subliminal propaganda): Visuals: I would like to use their spinning logo or make my own. * I am...
  12. PositiveFuture

    Experienced Directors. Your first films. They sucked, right?

    I like hearing experienced directors talk about how their first shorts sucked. When you start off you don't realise how difficult it is. So I wonder if anyone with more than a couple of years experience could talk about their first films, the mistakes they made, what they learnt on the way. I'm...
  13. PositiveFuture

    watch Mass Awakening Documentary 1st 5 minutes Rough Cut

    Well maybe my name's mud in this town since I posted that sucky intro a month back. This one is guaranteed to suck less. * From CrackerFunk: An overview of positive technology that can help anyone break out of the illusory scarcity prison we've...
  14. PositiveFuture

    Does anyone hold a copyright over the phrase "Resistance is Futile."?

    I'm hoping to use a sampled narrator repeating this phrase in a section of the documentary on social change that I'm cutting together. It's improved drastically from the piece of **** I posted in the screening room a month ago. Anyway... I want to use the phrase a few times. It's a 'popular...
  15. PositiveFuture

    Joining 2 or more AVIs together with zero quality loss? How?

    As my project gets more and more complicated I'm having to split it into smaller chunks. No problem there... The question is, when I want to stick 10 or more AVI's together again, what's the best way to do it with zero quality loss? Sure, I could render them all, and then import them back into...
  16. PositiveFuture

    Best file size and format for a 7 minute mobile film?

    What's the best format and file size for 3G and Iphone users? I just use an old mobile so I have no idea about this market. I want to put an 8 minute clip in the best format for it to be spread in a group. I suppose it can't be too big. What's the maximum file size that Iphone and 3G users...
  17. PositiveFuture

    What's the best NASA footage of Earth?

    I've seen some stunning photos but no real amazing videos of our home. Do you know what the best footage is? Short but sweet this one. Will she drift into the no-reply abyss or will I get a couple of bites?
  18. PositiveFuture

    Stupid Copyright III: Can I use 40 seconds of this under fair use?

    I was reading the documentary makers standards and practices this afternoon and it's pretty interesting. I want to use about 40 seconds of the following clip: Of course I will contact them anyway but it's close to Christmas so it'll be hard cos the...
  19. PositiveFuture

    Best Voice Synth, preferably shareware.

    Anyone know a good voice synth? I've seen a few vids narrated by robots recently; it lends a decent atmosphere to your movie if you get it right. Plus, robots don't charge 200 bux per page for narration and don't have a union. Cepstral looks quite good. Any other ideas please let me know...
  20. PositiveFuture

    What's the best Youtube Video Ripper out there?

    This has been talked about before but new software is always being written. So I'll ask again. Anyone know?