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    Masterpieces of a city: Rome

    Hello lovely people, I travelled to Rome for a few days and explored the breathtaking city with it's stunning buildings and people. Check out my video to get a glimpse of Rome and how wonderful the city is. Hope you enjoy it. If you have constructive critism, please let me know :)...
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    Frankfurt City 4K Video

    Hello Chaps, I created a new video about my city frankfurt, germany. Trying to do beauty shots and also show parts of frankfurt wasnt the easiest task, but I guess it turned out quite well. I would like to get some critsm from you guys. What do you think about it? What would you improve on it...
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    Explorer: London

    Hey guys, as an starter in DSLR filmmaking Im asking you for your feedback. I created a short when I was in London for one day. I know I have still much to learn and would appreciate every single tip you could give me to improve. For this one my biggest inspiration was a short from JR Alli...
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    IntoTheForest - Cinematic

    Hey everyone, nice to meet you. Im new here and looking for people to connect to and also looking for critism/feedback. Few month back I started with video making with my Canon 1200D DSLR. I really love making these kind of videos and hope to become a much better videographer with you :) It...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you. My name is Philipp and I found my latest passion in (DLSR) video making. I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and working in the computer game industry as cinematic designer. In the Foundry42 company. A few months back I started doing videos with my Canon...