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  1. MarkTheSecond

    Hello - Scene

    This is a scene that I wrote about two or three months ago. The one I would say about it is that the pacing is too fast. I probably should've slowed it down a bit.
  2. MarkTheSecond

    Review this scene?

    This is a short scene (about two pages) that I re-wrote from an older script. Let me know what you think. All feedback is welcome.
  3. MarkTheSecond

    Sophia - Scene

    This is a scene,I guess, that I wrote the other day. I honestly don't think it's that great. It's definitely not the best thing I've written. This is like maybe my third time doing it? I only finished the second one. The pacing, I feel, is too fast. This is really just something I thought would...
  4. MarkTheSecond

    TRASH - Short Script

    This is something I started last night because I hadn't written anything in a minute and I just finished it today, so there are some grammar mistakes and probably some missing words. It's not very long, only about 7 pages. I'd appreciate anyway feedback you could give me. Thanks...
  5. MarkTheSecond

    Forest (Feedback please)

    Hey I'm back after almost a year! I haven't been busy at all just super lazy. Anyway I just finished a new script and here's the first draft: I think a did ok job but there are things I thought I could have done...
  6. MarkTheSecond

    Old Script

    I wrote this back in October 2014. Just wanted to see what you guys thought about it. Its just a little scene I did to test out Final Draft.
  7. MarkTheSecond

    Feedback on this script?

    Hello my name is Mark i'm 17 and I'd like to make movies someday. I mean as everyone on this forum would like to i'm sure. I've always made my own stories writing and drawing or whatever but i'd take writing seriously until about a year ago. The script that you'll read is a re-write of an older...