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  1. Jsthompson79

    watch A Woman Scorned (Silent Horror Short Film)

    This is a silent short horror film I created for a school assignment in Directing. We had to make a silent film with no sound effects or dialogue as well as a list of required shots. This is what I came up with. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. Jsthompson79

    watch In Pajamas - a 48 hour Colchester Film Festival Contest Film.

    Here is our film In Pajamas it was created as a film for the Colchester 48 hour film contest. We were given a title, an action and a line of dialogue for the film. This is what we created. It is our take on purgatory and the grim reaper while meeting the requirements of the contest. I hope...
  3. Jsthompson79

    Feature Length Script Question

    I am currently writing a horror/slasher film. The way the script stands now it is 94 pages. Should I go ahead and try to knock out 26 more pages to reach 120 or would there be interest in the script at 94 pages if I wanted to sell it?
  4. Jsthompson79

    watch 30 Second Horror Short

    Here is a 30 second horror short I shot for my final in lighting 1 for Full Sail's Digital Cinematography degree program. Please let me know what you guys think of the end product. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Jsthompson79

    watch The Uninvited (A Short Experimental Horror)

    The Uninvited started off as a project for a 48 hour film contest but evolved more into an experimental film that examines the subconscious fears of many people. How much information do we give away when we think no one is listening? Can something you say when you think you are alone come back...
  6. Jsthompson79

    watch Unconditional Love (A short Horror Comedy for the 24 hour Full Sail Film Festival.)

    Here is our entry into the 24 hour Film Festival at Full Sail. We had to use a key and a box of letters as well as make it a comedy. We then had 2 lines of dialogue "I liked your brother the best" and "I was born at night but not last night" We also had to have a mom character. This is the...
  7. Jsthompson79

    watch From the Core.

    After a 6 month journey this is my first short film release over the 5 minute mark. Total runtime for the film is 10 minutes. From the Core is a zombie apocalypse short film based on the original screenplay by Matt Cubberly and is written by Nathan Garrison. We hope you guys find enjoyment in...
  8. Jsthompson79

    From the Core IGG Campaign

    From the Core is seeking your help to make our dreams come true. We are in need of funds to help us secure a professional composer as well as have money for entrance fees into festivals. For your donation you will receive some great perks depending on how much you give. These perks range from a...
  9. Jsthompson79

    watch From The Core Official Trailer.

    From the Core follows three hikers as they unknowingly release the zombie apocalypse onto the world. The short is currently being edited and prepared for scoring. After that it will be submitted to a couple of festivals before becoming available to the general public. You can learn more...
  10. Jsthompson79

    watch Color Correction Test Footage and Critique.

    Hi all, This is a 7 second clip from my film From the Core. It is a zombie flick. The total video is 14 seconds long with the first 7 being the original shot and the last 7 being my correction of it. What I need is your help on telling me what works in this. Also what doesn't work? Lastly...
  11. Jsthompson79

    Linear PCM vs Dolby Digital.

    Nevermind I found the answer to my question.
  12. Jsthompson79

    watch Rokinon 35mm Cine T/1.5 Lens Test

    Here is a short test I did with the Rokinon 35mm Cine T/1.5 Lens on my Sony FS100. I was mostly testing the focal range of it. The first section is not graded but was shot with a custom picture profile MMP2. The 2nd half was color corrected with Colorista II and Mojo from Magic Bullet. Let...
  13. Jsthompson79

    Rokinon Cine Questions

    I am looking at a couple of Rokinon Cine Lenses for my Sony Nex FS100. I have the money to only buy 1 of the 2 for now. Should I go with the 85mm T1.5 or the 35mm T1.5 both can be seen on B&H Photo. I am intrested in shooting films with them. My current lens is a kit lens an 18-200mm...
  14. Jsthompson79

    watch The Beauty of Night

    This is my darkest video yet. It was shot on a Sony NEX FS100 with a kit lens at 17MM 0DB F3.5 and a shutter speed of 1/48th. The only light was provided by an led light mounted to the camera. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did in making it.
  15. Jsthompson79

    From the Core Seeks your help.

    From the Core a new zombie short film is seeking your help to raise the last $1000 we need to buy custom prosthetics and other gear to do our practical effects. We are offering many different perks ranging from a digital copy of the film all the way up to Executive Producer credits. We are...
  16. Jsthompson79

    Shot Gun Mic / Audio Recorder Question

    I am going to purchase the Sgmx2 Professional Barrel Shotgun Microphone by Azden by the end of the month. My question is will it work out plugging it directly into my Sony Nex FS100 or should I get a separate audio recorder? If I should get a separate audio recorder, what is a reasonably...
  17. Jsthompson79

    watch Sweet Lil Red

    This was shot during Full Sail University's 6 hour film contest. We had exactly 6 hour to write, shoot, and edit our film with a mystery prop. We were given a mystery prop the day of and it turned out to be a plastic water bottle. Sweet Lil Red is a dark twist on Little Red Riding Hood and we...
  18. Jsthompson79

    watch Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams asks the question: What would happen if every time you closed your eyes you entered into a horror movie. This was created for Film Riot's Monday Challenge Halloween but can also stand alone as a short film. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  19. Jsthompson79

    watch Halloween Obsession.

    This is a video I shot for a friend who in his words has a "Halloween Obsession". We hope you guys enjoy the video and thanks for watching.
  20. Jsthompson79

    watch Droplets. A new artsy short.

    Droplets is a new artsy short I shot today. It explores the beauty of dyes and their interaction with tonic water. It is accompanied by Beethoven's Fur Elise. You can watch it on Vimeo here: or on Youtube