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    watch Becoming Bruce Lee - new webseries

    This is a new series that follows me as I spend 60 days intensely learning, exercising and practicing to achieve the same level of fitness as Bruce Lee. This includes all his recorded physical feats. Why? Just because it's something that I think a lot of us always want to do but never really...
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    watch MAKE it PAIN - Short "Kung-fu" flick

    Hello everyone! I just filmed this one a couple of weeks ago. I decided to take it "old school." Let me know what you think... thank you. TKD
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    watch The Apple IGUN, a short parody

    This is a short a made a little while ago. Just wanted to share it with you guys and know what you think! It was done all in fun.
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    watch Need you inputs on my short horror film (going to festival)

    Hello, I put this up about a week ago I posted this but didn't explain what it is. It is a short horror/suspense that I worked on for 8 months. I took techniques from some of my favorite directors (especially David Lynch) and used to tell my own tale. I will be re-editing and making a...
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    watch Aragon Alley, a new suspense/thriller

    Aragon Alley, a new suspense/thriller - need feedback! Hello all, This is my latest film called Aragon Alley. I started filming it around winter time and I just finished editing. It's kinda hard to describe this film so I'll just let you watch...
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    Filmmaking is hell; the story of an indie-nightmare

    Hello all, This is an article from my website. It's a long read (sorry about that). It's all about the making of my latest film and the joy and fustration that went along with it. Some might think it's a bit whiny and it may be. But it's a story for people who never have taken on a short...
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    watch SEOUL NIGHTS is complete! FIlmed on location. Need your inputs.

    This is the general release of my film Seoul Nights - based on a true story. I am still working on a festival version and most of the glitches will be taken care of. Tell me what you think:) TKD
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    watch Seoul Nights trailer 2. The party starts soon.

    This is the second trailer to Seoul Nights - based on a true story. It will be out in a couple of days. I was hoping you all could give me some feedback - thanks!
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    I have a short, now what do I do with it?

    I'm just finishing up my film "Seoul Night." It was fun, stressful and a true learning experience. But now I have this film and besides an few film festivals, I really am not sure what to do with it. The main purpose was to use it as a proof-of-concept for a feature film of the same name that...
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    watch Made my first music video! What do you guys think?

    This the first time I was "hired" as a director to make a video production. A friend of mine wanted to make a MV to go along with his semi-religious rap song. And I said, why not? I'm not into Christian music but I like the guy and I needed the experience. Moreover, he has real talent so I...
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    Just how important is what camera you use?

    As I watched 'Inland Empire' which was filmed entirely in SD, I wondered just how important is the camera(s) that I use for my short films. I have a D90 and a Sony CX150 that I've used extensively. I used to think that better camera = better picture but now I'm not so sure. I recently saw a...
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    watch Seoul Nights - teaser trailer

    Hello all, This is the latest short film I've been working on, it's called "Seoul Nights" and it's about the Korean club scene from a foreigner point of view. I'm halfway done, but thought I would post the teaser and get some feedback. Thank you! TKD...
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    watch A freaky except from a freaky film, have I gone too far?

    This is a weird scene from the movie "Aragon Alley," a short film that I'm wrapping up. This is a rough edit of a scene I'm working on, but I need some honest, honest feedback. I was inspired by Lynch to do it this way but it's taking a life of it's on! PS: If it's not clear what's going on...
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    watch Aragon Alley - the movie trailer

    This is my trailer for 'Aragon Alley' the story of a man falling into the depths of despair in a foreign country. The setting is South Korea (filmed on location.) Thank you all who gave me advice on the scenes I showed you. They were really helpful and truly give me a chance to get this...
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    watch Argon Alley short thriller/suspense - need your feedback

    Hello all, I have been working on a "Lynchian" type film for a couple of months now. It's called Argon Alley and I plan on submitting it to a couple of film festivals later this year. For this reason, I need your honest feedback. I need to know overall how it looks, feels and what I should...
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    watch KS - a Korean short action film

    This is a complete remake of an action film I made about a year ago. I posted it here originally under the title "A action film on a $0 budget". I got really good feedback, and used that to redo the film. I'm quite happy with the results. It's still a bit silly, but I would like to know what...
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    watch An action film on a 0$ budget

    Hello all, I just finished editing this film a couple of weeks ago. Its an action film I made in South Korea while learning to use my new D90 for the first time. You'll see that some parts look good, others are not so great. It was a big commitment for 5 months but I feel it was worth it. I...
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    Hello all, I new to this site. My call my self KoreanDonut, and I've just started working on films. The camera of choice is the Nikon D90. It's not the best camera in the world but it gets the job done. I plan on creating alot of awesome films in the future.