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    Personally I didn't like it. The camera work through out was way too shaky for my liking. The plot makes zero sense as well. To me it come across as one of their VFX test using hitfilm or action essentials. The over all finished look of the short was nice that is the only positive I can...
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    watch A Woman Scorned (Silent Horror Short Film)

    It is actually not the Halloween theme persay it was created by a person to sound similar while being different enough that there is no copyright infringement so it is free to use. And I chose that music because of the time limit I had to get the film turned in for school. Unfortunately it...
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    watch A Woman Scorned (Silent Horror Short Film)

    I will take that as a win. Thanks for watching!
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    watch A Woman Scorned (Silent Horror Short Film)

    This is a silent short horror film I created for a school assignment in Directing. We had to make a silent film with no sound effects or dialogue as well as a list of required shots. This is what I came up with. Let me know what you guys think.
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    watch In Pajamas - a 48 hour Colchester Film Festival Contest Film.

    Here is our film In Pajamas it was created as a film for the Colchester 48 hour film contest. We were given a title, an action and a line of dialogue for the film. This is what we created. It is our take on purgatory and the grim reaper while meeting the requirements of the contest. I hope...
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    Feature Length Script Question

    Thank you guys for the responses on the length. I am going to look at the script and see if there is any fat to trim. If there is I will go from there. The script is out of my budget ability I wrote the film how I would like to film it rather than what I can afford to film.
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    Feature Length Script Question

    Google is not the answer to everything. I can spend days looking at stuff on Google. I was looking for real world experience from a first hand source so I asked my question on a forum that is suppose to have industry professionals on it to get first hand knowledge.
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    Feature Length Script Question

    I am currently writing a horror/slasher film. The way the script stands now it is 94 pages. Should I go ahead and try to knock out 26 more pages to reach 120 or would there be interest in the script at 94 pages if I wanted to sell it?
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    How do I get rid of unwanted colors in this shot?

    To me it looks like you didn't white balance the camera before filming the lights.
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    Why should I use or not use a dolly zoom/vertigo shot?

    When I first read this I had to double check to see if this was a H44 question. It just comes across as something he'd ask. In my opinion shoot your film how you want. The audience will do one of two things: They will either like it or they won't. As for critics I don't know too many that...
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    What's the best skin tone temperature in your opinion?

    The easiest thing to do would be to white balance your camera for the lights you are using in a particular scene. This will turn the light white and leave the skin tones normal. Once the light is balanced for the scene you can add whatever gels you want to set the color for the scene. You...
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    watch 30 Second Horror Short

    Here is a 30 second horror short I shot for my final in lighting 1 for Full Sail's Digital Cinematography degree program. Please let me know what you guys think of the end product. Thanks, Jeff
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    watch 3 minutes "horror" film

    You had some really good elements in the short but I felt it was way under lit in several areas. The opening black and white was hard to discern anything 90% of the time as well as when the guy is running in the forest. Your scare elements were nicely done but again in the end all the work...
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    Film Competition

    One post on this site and you want us to go vote for you to win money?!?
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    watch The Uninvited (A Short Experimental Horror)

    The Uninvited started off as a project for a 48 hour film contest but evolved more into an experimental film that examines the subconscious fears of many people. How much information do we give away when we think no one is listening? Can something you say when you think you are alone come back...
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    watch Unconditional Love (A short Horror Comedy for the 24 hour Full Sail Film Festival.)

    Here is our entry into the 24 hour Film Festival at Full Sail. We had to use a key and a box of letters as well as make it a comedy. We then had 2 lines of dialogue "I liked your brother the best" and "I was born at night but not last night" We also had to have a mom character. This is the...
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    Adobe no longer selling software!

    Looks like I will be holding onto CS6 for a while. There is no way I can justify paying $50 a month. This is a bad move by Adobe they are trying to alienate the startup Independent people imo. Looks like it will be FCP X, Motion and Da Vinci Resolve until they decide to get on the cloud...
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    watch From the Core.

    Thank you Max/weel for watching the film. I am glad it was something that kept your interest. The dialog in the beginning is a little rough cut I agree. It was some of the first stuff we shot and I didn't leave myself enough room at the start and end to properly cut it. But as we worked on...
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    watch From the Core.

    Vimeo will not load for some people on phones. Where as Youtube does. That is why i posted both versions. There are many reasons why people chose one over the other to host their shorts but I won't go into that in this post.
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    watch From the Core.

    Thank you I am glad you enjoyed the film. We now have it on Youtube as well.