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    service Web Design for Filmmakers

    HI All! I just recently started a webdesign company. If anybody needs webdesign or a logo please see my website at I am also offering a discount of 15% for Indie Plus and Biz members.
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    legal Usage of images of unknown photographers

    This is a perfect example of why copyright law needs to be changed. There is absolutely ZERO reason why a copyright lasts for more than 20 years. The point of a copyright is to give an exclusive license for a "limited time" (preciously how it's worded in the US Constitution - limited meaning...
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    misc Multiscreen Setup to PLAY 4x4K Videos simultanously?

    You might want to give this a watch, and see if you can glean some information out of it.... Also give their forums a try:
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    camera Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K

    I've been waiting almost an entire month to reply to this post. Both of the above are good answers, regarding your first point. Here's a full on article I found regarding the issue: Effectively the way to...
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    company Forming an LLC

    Actually correction to my last reply. LLCs ARE required to pay the $800.... I miss read the page.
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    company Forming an LLC

    'I also think we will have to file a "doing business in NY" if we create an LLC elsewhere"'... It depends on what you're doing. If you try to get state tax credits you'd definitely need a local LLC. If you form in NV you can hire a "registered agent" with a local mailing address; they're like...
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    marketing Cold Emails

    Not what I mean at all.... What I don't get is why anyone would be willing to subject themselves to the whims and control of other people. If you freelance you are an EMPLOYEE of whoever hires you. You are NOT your own boss. I want to control my own destiny free from the control of any other...
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    marketing Cold Emails

    Ultimately it doesn't matter at this point. I just got a quote back for insurance and it's going to cost me well over $3000 for a year. Way outside my budget.
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    marketing Cold Emails

    Filmmaking or doing video client work? To me they're not the same thing. Filmmaking is you are your own boss doing your own projects. Video client work is you are subject to being hired by a company or organization to shoot a project on their terms. I'm very passionate about the former not...
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    marketing Cold Emails

    How am I supposed to do this if I have no prior work, and no client prospects? I have no connections to anyone that would be willing to even help me create a demo/sample. I don't even have a potential subject to photograph or film....
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    marketing Cold Emails

    Seems like freelance anything is a dead-end route then. The market is already saturated... why would anybody deal with somebody they don't know? And in order to build up a quality network to actually make a living you're looking at years and years of network building. This is something I was...
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    marketing Cold Emails

    I'm looking for people's thoughts on cold emails... Do they work? Who do they work best on? I'm looking to approach local business and potentially bands for both Video work and Photography work. I am also considering Twitter ads. I don't use FaceBook or LinkedIn, so I'm not going there. I...
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    Hello all. New here; from the Atlanta area. I'm a recent college grad where I got a minor in Film Studies. I've acquired quite a bit of gear over the years for school; can't wait to use to start filming some of my own projects. Hoping to shot a no budget feature some time this year.