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    service Web Design for Filmmakers

    HI All! I just recently started a webdesign company. If anybody needs webdesign or a logo please see my website at I am also offering a discount of 15% for Indie Plus and Biz members.
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    marketing Cold Emails

    I'm looking for people's thoughts on cold emails... Do they work? Who do they work best on? I'm looking to approach local business and potentially bands for both Video work and Photography work. I am also considering Twitter ads. I don't use FaceBook or LinkedIn, so I'm not going there. I...
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    Hello all. New here; from the Atlanta area. I'm a recent college grad where I got a minor in Film Studies. I've acquired quite a bit of gear over the years for school; can't wait to use to start filming some of my own projects. Hoping to shot a no budget feature some time this year.