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    Whats the correct milimeter

    Ifi have speedbooster xl with and set My lens to 35mm. Whats the correct mm? How do i figure this our?
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    wireless monitor for Focus puller

    Hi. Im looking for my first wireless monitor in order to use a wireless followfocus system. The idea is to have a focus puller that can stand some distance from the camera to operate the focus. Do i buy the monitor and the wireless reciever separately or can i buy both at the same time? Do you...
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    Need update, so what’s out there?

    Hi I’m looking for a new camera for short films. All the way from dramas to action. I like shooting long takes with a gimbal. I’m open to What it might cost. I need good autofocus and low light performance. I have a gimbal, speed booster with my sigma So something that fits. I dont need 4K...
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    Creating long takes?

    How do they make these long takes like in birdman, the revenant and Victoria a long night? Is it possible for us as indie filmmakers to create or is it just for the big budget stuff? If it’s possible what do I need in order to do it? Is there any advice or tricks that you can share? When it...