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  1. sfoster

    software My ez editing tip for you

    I wish I had done this sooner, such a boon. Use a programmable gaming mouse for editing. Mine has seven extra buttons. With one button i zoom into or out of my timeline. One button to take the image full screen for viewing. Etc. The convenience of doing 95% of my editing without needing to...
  2. sfoster

    misc I almost made a feature?

    A couple years ago I filmed a crime thriller that I never edited or released. (Depression is such a killer) it was a 34 page script but my terrible lack of planning and everyone’s schedule conflicts lead to a really slow production schedule and we chopped the script down to 15 pages to make...
  3. sfoster

    game Favorite Celebrity Moment?

    This is a new idea for a thread, hopefully it's fun but if not nbd :) I will post a celebrity name, then the next person responds with a video clip (preferably) or a reference to their favorite moment in that celebrities career. And then they post a celebrity name for the next person. I was...
  4. sfoster

    series What series are you watching?

    I just watched Episodes (a showtime series) that has ended and now available in full on netflix. It's about two british writers (married) that have a hit show in england and move to LA to recreate the series for an american audience. This was really great. Some of the laughs that I got out of...
  5. sfoster

    series Glow on Netflix

    I was wondering what happened to Glow... I enjoyed the first two seasons and then never heard anything about the series. So I looked it up and... the 3rd season has been out for months and the fourth season is the final season. Years ago it seemed like alison brie was netflix's darling...
  6. sfoster

    news iPhone 11 Pro - John Wick Style

    I went into the apple store today because my 6s got a text message it was eligible for an upgrade. They offered me a $0 trade in value lol. So no iphone pro for me but this video looks very cool. How many of us could make something so engaging with kids outside?
  7. sfoster

    sound-stage Tiny Home Acoustics

    I'm converting a sprinter van into a tiny home/stealth rv and I'd like to optimize the acoustics during this build. Something like this but with a much bigger bed 😄 One decision I've made is that I am going to have rubber flooring. It insulates, its anti-fatigue and comfortable to stand on...
  8. sfoster

    news Ignore the Screams

    Step 1 - Hand out notice to neighbors that you'll be filming and to ignore the screams Step 2 - Literally murder someone in your garage
  9. sfoster

    humor Explain a Movie Badly

    Everyone has probably heard of this game before? Here is how the thread will work.. you end your post with a movie title. The next person to post in the thread will explain that movie badly in a few short sentences, and then leave a new movie title for the next poster. I suppose if you have a...
  10. sfoster

    humor Stand Up Specials

    Did you recently see a stand up comedy special? Rate it and give us a brief description or a joke. --------------------------------------------------------- I'll start with my most recently watched on Netflix - Whitney Cummings: Can I Touch It? 4/5 Really great job delivering her opinion on...
  11. sfoster

    sales Selling a Script in Person

    I remember hearing something about how when youre in hollywood theres a script in the trunk of every car or youre never more than 30 feet from someones unpublished script.. i don't remember exactly what the saying was but the point was that there are scripts everywhere and people trying to sell...
  12. sfoster

    movie-talk The best way to watch 3D movies

    I finally had the opportunity to watch some 3D movies like avatar using a virtual reality headset and I was very impressed. You watch in a virtual movie theatre and because the whole thing is VR the 3D movie literally comes off the screen inside your environment. I feel like there is never any...
  13. sfoster


    There was an article on the rapper Cardi B where she admitted that she used to drug men and rob them. These are real crimes that she committed with real victims. Now this is being glamorized and turned into a film called Hustlers and Cardi B gets to appear on the silver screen alongside...
  14. sfoster

    social-media YouTube giving creators $0

    The latest in youtube screwing over indie film developers... Now they say that if your video has any inappropriate COMMENTS it will be demonitized and you will receive $0 for all your hard work. Also if the video contains anything...
  15. sfoster

    Melanie Martinez

    This girl was a singer on the voice before she became famous and now she's taking the time to direct music videos for every song on her album. That's pretty cool right? I've never heard of anyone doing that before. Not just making a video for every song on your album, but personally directing...
  16. sfoster

    Virtual Reality Film Making

    I spent the day consuming virtual reality movies and here's the good and bad i've learned. First the good Scale With VR you would never meet an actor and say "Wow you're shorter in real life" because you can actually look at people and tell how tall they are. There was a great tom cruise...
  17. sfoster

    Live TV dead as radio

    Live TV will soon be as dead as radio IMO Recent study says only 39% of people <=34 years old prefer live television and the majority want to stream everything instead Excellent shows coming out of these different streaming network 1) Impulse exclusive to Youtube Red - A high school teenage...
  18. sfoster

    Free Will vs Pre-determined Destiny

    Someone engaged me in this age old philosophical question - do we have free will ? Or are we wholly the product of our genes and environment. What I'm here to discuss with you all however is a little different. In the context of story do we give our characters free will? I say No. We don't...
  19. sfoster

    Overhaul HBO

    AT&T Thoughts on HBO and the new direction they want to take it after buying the network Buy HBO because people associate it with quality content... then force them to pump out so...
  20. sfoster

    Youtube is playing with the big boys

    This is great for all us indie film makers that put our content on youtube. They're really throwing their hat into the ring now, i believe they hired the director from the bourne identity to do this series. It's really well done and holds up with all the other content out there on the other...