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    Where to find free music?

    I would recommend that you check out Bandcamp. There's ton's of independent artists on there that you could get ahold of. Some people even say in their bio that people are free to use their music just as long as you credit them. That depends though, some artists reserve the rights, but you...
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    Live TV dead as radio

    I don't think it has anything to do with the platform, but the content the platform offers. The only thing I watch on tv anymore is the news and SNL. Why pay a cable bill when SNL puts full episodes on YouTube, NBC and my local news station have an app, and there's no shortage of selection on...
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    social-media YouTube giving creators $0

    There is a function in the Youtube Creator Studio which allows you to monitor comments based on certain words that the channel creator deems inappropriate. You can also just disable comments completely, but that eliminates your ability to stay connected with your audience. In all reality, if...