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  1. PaulWrightyThen

    press-release Fissure on DUST

    Hi guys, just thought I'd share the news about Fissure (my short film from 2 years ago). Its been scooped up by the sci fi channel DUST and is currently being loved/savaged to death in the comments section. If you havn't seen it and would like to, then head over to this link: Hope you like it!
  2. PaulWrightyThen

    vfx Smoke with NO Third Party Plugins, After effects

    How do. Having used millions of tutorials over the years I thought I'd make one to give something back to the community. This tutorial shows you how to make smoke in AE with no third party plugins. I hope it's useful.
  3. PaulWrightyThen

    watch Future City: Practical VFX Shot

    Hey guys, thought I;d share this model shot I worked on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQS4hRNz9fE Try and spot the subtle influences. I'm kidding of course, its so Bladerunner it hurts my brain. Anyhoo, any feedback or questions are welcome. :) Paul
  4. PaulWrightyThen

    watch The Virginmarys: Look Out For My Brother

    Hi folks. New video alert. First thing I've shot for a while. Tight turnaround all round. Has actually turned out to be one of my fav videos to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_cRefg9OwU Great track, the album is shaping up really nicely for the guys, so if you can, nip to the website...
  5. PaulWrightyThen

    Fissure featured in io9 article :)

    Hi chums, as some of you already know, I made a film called Fissure. Some of you very kindly chipped in to the crowdfunder. It got featured in this article https://io9.gizmodo.com/10-excellent-new-sci-fi-and-fantasy-shorts-you-need-to-1827912662 So very pleased. The article was then retweeted...
  6. PaulWrightyThen

    watch Fissure: Short Film

    Hi Indie talkers. After all my posts and begging for cash its finally here: Fissure. It played three festivals and got a bunch of good reviews which is nice. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it (for good or for ill) so fill yer boots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3M3ORrDYhQ Thanks...
  7. PaulWrightyThen

    watch Ctrl Z (Multi Award Winning Short)

    Hi Guys, this isn't my movie, I was involved in the slightest of ways (a script reading here, a bit of pre vis there) but this is a really great short film: Written and Directed by James Kennedy Director of Photography - James Oldham CTRL Z has screened in 19 film festivals internationally...
  8. PaulWrightyThen

    watch Ivan Campo Live Recording [3:51]

    How do chums. Thought I'd share this video from an opening recording session by Ivan Campo. Its an on going series by Debt records where they get bands from their roster to record a few tracks in front of an audience and get the audience involved too...
  9. PaulWrightyThen

    Fissure: Orlando Film Festival 19th - 26th Oct

    Hi folks, After the success of Fissure showing at Grimmfest its now time for the Orlando Film Festival! Any of you film making chums live in Orlando? https://orlandofilmfest.com/ https://orlandofilmfest.com/movies/fissure/ We are showing on the 24th & 25th October. Its the US premiere, so...
  10. PaulWrightyThen

    watch Showreel (Feedback Request)

    Hi folks, just put together a new reel. Was wondering if anyone had any feedback they'd like to give? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H19QisD0upA Cheers in advance, Paul
  11. PaulWrightyThen

    Fissure Screenings UK (Manchester)

    Any Manchester based peeps on here except me? Hit me up in general, but first: Fissure is screening as part of Grimmfest 2017 on the 6th of October at the Printworks in Manchester: http://grimmfest.com/grimmupnorth/2017/09/grimmfest-2017-full-line-up/ You can get day passes if you like :)...
  12. PaulWrightyThen

    watch Falling Ghost [5,15]

    Hi folks, I shot this a little while ago for Manchester based 'Falling Ghost'. All shot on a gopro with a Zhiyun evo gimbal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT6FSSwnvQ4 Enjoy, and as always, crits are welcome. Thanks, Paul
  13. PaulWrightyThen

    Fissure is into its first festival :)

    Hi guys, just so you know Fissure got into it's first festival! http://grimmfest.com/grimmupnorth/2017/09/fissure/ Very chuffed, humbled and mainly glad for everyone that took a risk on it. Actors, crew, pledgers all. Thanks for your support and patience on here too. Here is the not yet...
  14. PaulWrightyThen

    watch Short Museum film (up for an award)

    Hi guys, I did this a while ago for Bury Gallery and Transition festival. Turns out its been selected for the Museums in Short competition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjL9DvIHU1M If you fancy, could you go it a vote here...
  15. PaulWrightyThen

    Poster for 'Fissure'

    Hey guys. So the festival subs have started. 1st review is in as well: https://www.ukfilmreview.co.uk/single-post/2017/06/29/Fissure-short-film Pretty chuffed with that I must say. Here's the poster (again sorry so big) If you like it, I did it. If you don't I'll fire the jerk that did...
  16. PaulWrightyThen

    'Fissure' had its cast and crew screening with 'Ctrl Z'

    Hey guys, as some of you are aware (because you pledged) I made a film. That film is now finished and save for a couple of tiny tweaks is ready to fling at festivals. We had a little cast and crew screening alongside the multi award winning 'Ctrl Z' and raised a little money for charity in...
  17. PaulWrightyThen

    5d to Computer to VHS

    Hi folks. I'm shooting a music video and I'd like to do a bit of 'Alien Isolation' as in get my edit onto a vhs tape to mess about with. Anyone got any advice on how to do that? (currently googling so I may find a solution myself). Just wondered if anyone has every done anything like this...
  18. PaulWrightyThen

    watch Music video: Louis Barabbas 'Pulling The Strings'

    Hi, so I was contacted on a Tuesday afternoon about doing a music video for one of the songs from Louis Barabbas's new musical 'Jocasta: a Musical Tragedy'. I said 'sure' and it turned out he wanted to do it the next day. We ended up with 3 hours to use a theatre space. It was then edited...
  19. PaulWrightyThen

    ROTJ Vader/Emperor Showdown (Nerd Alert)

    Nerdy post alert. In a forum I shan't name, there is a thread that asks people for one thing they'd change about Star Wars. I bimble in to read. I know this is a bit geeky but thought I'd ask a film maker forum the question: Is the Vader/Emperor showdown at the end near perfect cinema (my...
  20. PaulWrightyThen

    All After Effects users should get this.

    Hi, I downloaded this. Its freakin' awesome. You're welcome. http://www.videocopilot.net/blog/2016/10/new-workflow-plug-in-fx-console-is-now-available/ I realise this is a bit vague. Its a tool to instantly apply effects rather than trawl through menus.