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    Any films you know that had a digital score?

    I don't know of any large-scale films that have used orchestral samples (as a whole) for the film score. There are many films where orchestral samples have been used in conjunction with a live orchestra to really fill the sound out (especially if it's a smaller ensemble that's recorded). Same...
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    Composer looking to expand portfolio

    Hey Carter, I don't wanna be "that" guy....but....check it: http://www.indietalk.com/announcement.php?f=139
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    Can anyone help me find royalties info on this

    Maybe this is what you're describing that you've already done, but try doing a publisher search for the song information: https://www.ascap.com/Home/ace-title-search/index.aspx Put Las Alazanas in the search box and you'll see the publisher's information on the right hand side (towards the...
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    Is "You Are My Sunshine" copyrighted?

    I know you can do a music search on ASCAP's website to see what's copyrighted and what's not. Maybe try to search on the SCL (Society of Composer & Lyricists) or shoot them an email. I'm sure they'd be happy to help.
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    $99 Orchestra

    Kickstarter opened today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1592127308/the-99-orchestra-an-orchestra-for-everyone Non-commercial use only. A separate fee applies for commercial use. Not sure what that is.
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    $99 Orchestra

    Hey Mike, I agree with your summation. I think that if you're pretty confident in your writing/orchestration for a live ensemble like this that you could certainly make it work for projects. The only thing is: I don't know if it's something that will always be offered by the group....or if...
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    $99 Orchestra

    I would agree. I think it pushes the idea of using real musicians, at an affordable rate, that's not too much to handle for someone starting out. With the cost of sample libraries, it removes the excuse of it being too expensive. And if you can manage to write something pretty cool that they...
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    $99 Orchestra

    Hi everyone, Has anybody else heard about this $99 Orchestra? http://www.99dollarorchestra.com/#meltdown-tour Basically, it's a 7 minute recording session aimed at recording 30s to 1:30. 30 musicians. So, I'm assuming you'd get a couple practice runs, record (once or twice), and you're done...
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    How To Ruin Your Career & Bring Down The Music Industry (Article)

    Totally understandable. Definitely some good conversation here.
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    How To Ruin Your Career & Bring Down The Music Industry (Article)

    Hey David, Some great points here! While I will disagree with you on the theory of never working for free is crap....I do agree with your summation points. I think Mike McGuill said it really well on the first page of this discussion: That seems (maybe) more in-line with what your...
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    How To Ruin Your Career & Bring Down The Music Industry (Article)

    Mike, I'm pretty much in agreement with you here. It aligns closer to my personal view of things.
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    How To Ruin Your Career & Bring Down The Music Industry (Article)

    Well, not have any bespoke music in your film. There are still plenty of ways to license music for a film for little to money. Yeah, I think we all know that will never happen. Even at the professional level where composing is the sole income, it still won't happen.......as the sweet sirens...
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    How To Ruin Your Career & Bring Down The Music Industry (Article)

    I see what you're saying here; perfectly valid. I think that's also an underlying message to composers here. You need to figure out your craft and technicalities so that a) you're good enough to find a project to work on and, b) realistically confident enough (with skills to back it up) to ask...
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    How To Ruin Your Career & Bring Down The Music Industry (Article)

    Yes, they do....but you wouldn't go taking unpaid internship after unpaid internship. I'm not sure I'd agree here. The problem (for composers) is that this is their assumption.....and they never ask for any type of payment, whether it be dollars or bartering for services, etc. It's as if...
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    How To Ruin Your Career & Bring Down The Music Industry (Article)

    @Zansteve: Why is the author a jackass? @sfoster: Website works just fine here.
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    How To Ruin Your Career & Bring Down The Music Industry (Article)

    Hey all, Here's an article recently released from a top-end sample instrument developer regarding the notion of working for free. http://8dio.com/#blog/how-to-ruin-your-career-and-bring-down-the-music-industry/ Thoughts?
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    Crediting multiple composer

    I agree with @directorik.
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    I'm new...but i'm a composer!

    Hi Sean. What DAW and sample libraries are you currently working with? - Mike
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    Scoring the Cosmos: A Conversation with Alan Silvestri and Seth MacFarlane

    A bit of a long read but certainly worth it! http://projectorandorchestra.com/scoring-the-cosmos-a-conversation-with-alan-silvestri-and-seth-macfarlane/ Quote from the article: "It was also an extremely rare scenario where the composer wasn’t asked to spend a lot of time creating elaborate...