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  1. PaulWrightyThen

    Comment by 'PaulWrightyThen' in media 'Forever War'

    Why thank you :)
  2. Forever War

    Forever War

    Concept art. Bit of experimenting with getting a graphic novel look in after effects.
  3. Sci Fi Tug (Concept Art)

    Sci Fi Tug (Concept Art)

    From sketch to render probably about 12 hrs work. (including learning Substance Painter)
  4. RedAlert.png


    Little concept thing. Done in an hour (predone models and messing with element 3d) Enterprise model from Foundation3D.com
  5. TIE-agon Alley

    TIE-agon Alley

    Made with After Effects, Element 3d, some really low poly buildings and vending machines. Also a dude I robbed off of TurboSquid... All done in a few hours.
  6. (Concept Art) New Render of Spaceship...

    (Concept Art) New Render of Spaceship...

    Updated the spaceship render. Put it through Red Giant VFX suite. Pretty pleased.
  7. (Concept Art) Spaceship for a Film

    (Concept Art) Spaceship for a Film

    Render of a spaceship for a film I'm writing. Heavily influenced by Corman era sci fi.
  8. (Concept Art) StarWars: Night Run

    (Concept Art) StarWars: Night Run

    Inspired by Beeple and Corridor digital (and the new star wars trailer) I did a quick concept art render. Already had this scene made so just needed to rejig it a little to get what I wanted. Going to try and do little concept sketches more often. Just for fun :)
  9. PaulWrightyThen

    pre-pro Making a Low Budget Sci-Fi Film

    This really is inspiring stuff!
  10. PaulWrightyThen

    pre-pro Making a Low Budget Sci-Fi Film

    This is looking great!!!
  11. PaulWrightyThen

    press-release Fissure on DUST

    Ha, just saw this edit. I wasn't sure what to make of that. I just replied with 'Blame the architects.' Although its more the sparks fault, I guess. I fear I've made enemies of architects everywhere.
  12. PaulWrightyThen

    press-release Fissure on DUST

  13. PaulWrightyThen

    Comment by 'PaulWrightyThen' in media 'Afterlife: Short Film'

    Thanks very much. Cinematographer was excellent.
  14. PaulWrightyThen

    press-release Fissure on DUST

    Honestly it all kinda happened by accident. I released Fissure on my channel. It got a few views. I submitted for a review on io9. Thought nothing of it. I only knew it got on there becuase my pal told me Rian Johnson had retweeted the article...
  15. PaulWrightyThen

    press-release Fissure on DUST

    Yeah, it came out of the blue too. I had it on my youtube channel where it kinda peaked at 4k, then DUST wanted it. So glad for the opportunity to hit a wider audience.
  16. PaulWrightyThen

    press-release Fissure on DUST

    Ooo. Excellent. Uncharted territory!
  17. PaulWrightyThen

    press-release Fissure on DUST

    Stupid question time: Does this mean the film has now gained distribution? Feels weird saying it, just wanted to make sure...
  18. PaulWrightyThen

    press-release Fissure on DUST

    Whadda rush.