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    watch Neuroxica - Short Horror Film

    Hey Filmmakers, I wanted to share my newest short horror film, Neuroxica. It is now live on Youtube. Be warned, it is definitely not for kids! Enjoy, and thanks in advance for watching!
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    hollywood Ever Wonder Why Hollywood is At a Creative Low?

    Sort of seen the general creative and unique qualities of Hollywood films degrade a bit over the last 2 decades? I certainly have...especially when it comes to SciFi and Fantasy, but there is also a massive lack of good action and adventure films....have not really seen anything that gives me...
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    Vimeo Passwords Keep Breaking - Ruining My Festival Submissions

    You know what sucks? When the "standard," thing that everyone loves and demands stops working for my business ventures. My Vimeo passwords keep breaking. Filmfreeway.com is what I use to submit to festivals, and most festivals take Vimeo links with a password. Well, Vimeo's password system has...
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    Need Costume Designer or Cosplayer for Sci Fi Costume

    Hello, I am looking high and low for a costume designer to make something for a music video that will shoot next February. I am searching through Cosplay communities as well, and have reached out to some bigger cosplayers, because the things these communities create are unbelievably...
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    Need to Make a Character Explode

    I need to make a villain explode for a music video. He gets hit with an explosive dart, and boom baby. This happens in a dark tunnel or something similar. The character is in a sort of Mad Max'ish outfit, like a post apocalyptic gangster, and right now my idea involves possibly making like a...
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    watch Trailer for My Upcoming Short Film

    Here is a trailer for my short film. It will release sometime in 2019, hopefully after a festival premiere. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSk1o6rngsQ
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    How I got inspired

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to make a post about inspiration. I have a lot of it, and recently it has been doubling every year. I am inspired to make ultra immersive, personal, visceral science fiction and fantasy films that border on the surreal and are steeped in lore. Lately the ideas won't...
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    watch Franklin - Short Film I Made Last Year

    Hey folks, Please check out my last short film, "Franklin," if you have a free moment: Enjoy!
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    Films Festivals Can be Apples and Oranges

    I wanted to give you guys an idea of a couple cheapo, low brow festivals I've been to. Last year I got into Burbank Film Festival, and San Pedro film festival. I was pretty disappointed because I submitted to a TON of festivals, and only these two accepted me. I'm not trying to insult the...
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    watch David Lynch Short Film - Blue Green

    Hello, I will share some of my own work with you guys soon, but I thought I would share my personal favorite short film, "Blue Green," by the master, David Lynch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYtxn-WM5PE&t=6s
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    Filmmaker Greeting

    Hello, I am an independent filmmaker in Los Angeles. I currently make training videos for a living, and dedicate my free time and resources to making my films. I typically write, direct and produce my work. I produce my work out of necessity...producing is not something I enjoy doing...
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    Underground locations in Southern California

    Hey folks, I'm making a music video for a popular electronic music duo, and I have started looking for locations. I'm looking in LA and also within an hour or so of Los Angeles, like Ventura, Ojai, etc. I am looking for subterranean type of locations, like tunnels or enormous basements with...