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    news Distribber closed down

    I heard from a filmmaker that Distribber is basically closed down (can't log on to the site) and they owe him money. Looks like they are heading into bankruptcy. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2019-10-25/indie-filmmakers-streaming-distribber-trouble...
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    distro Amazon Prime royalty rate now down to just 1 cent per hour!

    I remember when Amazon was paying 16 cents per hour. For the last year or so they were paying 4 cents. Well now it's down to 1 cent as of Jan 1st! Amazon is just about as much of a drop in the bucket as YouTube. Your content is about worthless...
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    legal How do you protect your work?

    You can make a claim over a collection of ideas. Remember Howard Stern's suit? I think there was a settlement. https://www.realitytvworld.com/news/howard-stern-sues-abc-are-you-hot-for-copying-1041.php
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    distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    It shouldn't take a day or even hours because you upload black / blank video and at the lowest quality and small frame size. The audio is all you need as reference to ad your captions.
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    distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    Out of curiosity how much is Facebook charging per user's home page they stick an ad on?
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    event Free talk explaining Equity Crowdfunding in L.A.

    Crowdfunding is basically hounding your friends for donations. Unless you can get some sort of big publicity (on radio, tv, etc), or you have a ton of followers on a social media platform (such as if you're a Kardashian) then your crowdfunding effort will fail.
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    distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    Amazon has been purging lots of titles. And when they do, they don't give a SPECIFIC explanation why. Just more of big tech censoring content that doesn't fit the left wing, progressive agenda.
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    press-release My policically charged Mockumentary

    Oh I was going to the BitChute page. Fixed the Daily Motion page.
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    press-release My policically charged Mockumentary

    That's strange. If you go to the page, it's spelled right.
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    press-release My policically charged Mockumentary

    Demonetized by YouTube for obvious political reasons. Updated link.... If that link fails then there's always BitChute https://www.bitchute.com/video/A4PH803Bb8ll/
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    Cost to hire a good voiceover guy?

    Well I wound up doing the narration myself by putting on my fake British accent and using the pitch shift on a Yamaha SPX-90.
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    press-release My policically charged Mockumentary

    "Life After Republicans, a Mockumentary". Welcome to America, Republican population: ZERO!!! This critically acclaimed film examines what would happen if every Republican were to suddenly vanish and Democrats were left in charge. In this thought experiment, scientists and other experts speculate...
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    marketing How to get press release out?

    I'm just about done with my politically charged Mockumentary short that makes fun of Democrats. Anyone know of any services that allow you to do a press release all on one fell swoop? I'm gonna email conservative news link sites like DrudgeReport, TheLibertyDaily and CitizenFreePress. I know...
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    misc Choosing a career.

    Yeah think big and be positive. That'll help you get blood out of a rock. LOL Eric Glatt did just that. But he thought even bigger when he quit the business and filed his lawsuit.
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    distro Physical Vs. Digital Home Video Release

    I'm just saying that I would question any distributor that claims that they can get you some sort of significant indie DVD distribution in the US. What's left of DVD distribution? Best Buy and Wal-Mart? They only carry "the hits". Even if you could get into those stores you won't get any sales...
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    distro Physical Vs. Digital Home Video Release

    Do people still buy physical media? The distributor will get the DVDs into WHAT stores?
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    adr ADR in a film

    I look at ADR as an opportunity to make their dialog BETTER! Yes ADR takes practice as a director. You have to identify when their performance isn't up to par or the timing is off. One thing I DON'T do is lead people in with a click track. That throws them off. I play them the clip a few times...
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    fx Effects for narration track

    Anyone ever heard of applying the haas effect to narration to "beef" it up? A little dash of extra compression at the mixing stage? I'm now working on mixing the sound for my Mockumentary parody of Life After People.
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    legal How do you protect your work?

    I've heard stories of major networks lifting ideas from people. Then what? Spend $100,000 to take them to court? Or if some small time person steals your idea, then what? Sue somebody who's broke? I know someone who had their T-shirt design flat out stolen by someone who was selling them. They...
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    festivals Low Budget Feature Film Festivals

    I was going to suggest https://www.withoutabox.com/ but this site is shutting down. On a side note, too many film festivals are just money making scams.