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    Dreadylocks: Delete some PMs please.

    Your quota is reached and I cannot send you secret admirer messages... Please delete some so I can get this mack show on the road.
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    Oldschool production sound mixer.

    You think you're a legit production sound mixer? Oh yeah? You've got a boom and a sound devices recorder? Got a $200 rode mic? Think you're hot s***? Look at how the OGs did it. This is no joke. Original sound effect for MGM lion being shot right here, folks. No cage, no chain, no leash...
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    What's your hottest track right now?

    I'm always interested in hearing new music and what other people like listening to. What's your favorite track for this week/month? Mine is: "T-Shirt" by Thomas Rhett. What's yours?
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    Have your films been successful or made money?

    Just curious, How many of you have made films that have been a huge success, or made a considerable amount of money? And how many from that have done it by starting here?
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    Hey guys, Been lurking - took the plunge and became a member, Mainly an audio guy here. Usually just do this for hobby but sometimes I get paid on rare occasions. Glad to meet everyone!
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    Give me an update!

    How's everyone been? Who's finished a movie? Why haven't I been mailed a copy of Stockholm Santa yet? Is Wheatgrinder directing Iron Man 3 yet?
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    Let's analyze John Carter

    43.7 mil in 10 days? Loss of approx 200? Where is Les Grossman when you need him? What went wrong on this one?
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    Work in movies. Not television.

    One thing I hate about Television is the production value, and don't get me wrong. To work in TV you have to be talented and extremely quick, but I personally like how films allow for slightly longer production schedules and more time to get it artistically correct. I just watched a bit of...
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    Silent House - Supervising Sound Editor

    Cool look into the making of the soundtrack to "Silent House" Pretty involved and intricate track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=81oD34y2WkQ#!
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    Sup peeps?

    I haven't been able to be on much but today I'll have a tiny bit of time to catch up, What's everyone working on now? How is Deathworld? Cracker, what is your next project? Uranium, I haven't gotten an edit yet! How are things on that film you're working on - is there anything else I can do...
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    Question for those with Super-Takumars

    Hello, I am having trouble with my Super-Takumar 50mm f/1.4 (not the super-multi-coated version, just the "Super-Takumar" version) The lens is of course yellow.. However, When I am taking portraits and photos, I have wonderful color reproduction when the lens is at f/1.4 and one stop down...
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    Lens Question - Help!

    I just got my Mir-1 in the mail a few days ago. Beautiful lens. Silver chrome and shiny - best condition I've seen that I could find anywhere - $130. I took it for a test drive this morning and when I stop it down to 16, I see two minor spots on the lens - bottom right hand corner and far...
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    Equipment destruction feel-better thread

    Hey everyone, I just put a tiny scratch on my BRAND NEW T3i's outside shell of the articulating screen by slipping with the tissue and scratching it with my fingernail a little too hard and it wont buff out. I feel like I've murdered my newborn. :( Anyone else got some equipment destruction...
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    Best T3i settings

    Hey ya'all. I'm loving my T3i. I'm now called a "hybrid" on set because I'm walking around with mics and sound gear as well as a T3i around my neck snapping photos and taking BTS film. The last project I just finished up yielded some awesome BTS footage which was asked for by the team doing the...
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    See you in a couple

    Hey folks, Next gig is coming up. Thanks for the tips on the T3i and I'll bring back some cool footage to show ya'all. See you in a couple. Until then, I leave you with these words: (turn down your speakers if you mind profanity) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7yfISlGLNU (why didn't...
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    Humidity issues

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be supervising the sound on a set for about a month which is extremely humid and hot. I'm going to be taking along my new T3i (I get it on Monday!!!). Is there anything I should be cautious about when in very humid areas? Like putting the lens and camera away if I'm...
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    Ya'll see this?

    http://www.streamstowealth.com/film-school-alternative-filmmakers-are-getting-their-technical-knowledge-on-the-internet-at-indietalk/ Looks like this was posted on May 24th - Recently. Pretty cool, eh? Good publicity for our little home here. I hope I'm considered one of the "professionals"...
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    Minolta MD to EOS adapter?

    Hey guys, I have a chance to buy a Minolta / Vivitar 28mm f/2.8 for really cheap but I wanted to make sure it would work well on a T3i? Is it going to translate well? Do any of you use Vivitar lenses on a Canon? Thanks ahead for your kind advice... I'm new to this whole picture thing. I'm...
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    Bye Bye Lakers

    Goodbye Lakers. I will always remember 2002 Western Conference Finals and the paid-off officiating against the Kings which allowed the Lakers to walk into the Finals. Go "drown your sorrows at the pub" again, Kobe. Next year, the Lakers will be a mid-level team and the few years after that...
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    How feasible is it to use a prime lens for film?

    Ok, Forgive my newb question. I'm an audio guy. I promise I searched for a bit for a previous thread that was similar, but it was to no avail. I'm thinking of picking up a Super Takumar and a Helios for still photography. However, is it simple to make these lenses work for filming on a T3i...