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  1. EvsFX08

    Wanted - HDV cam

    I'm looking for an HD, mini-DV compatible. People on this forum convinced me I need to start messing around with HD. :)
  2. EvsFX08

    watch Final Version Music video

    OK, I'm ready to have some feedback from people who may not like this genre of music. I'm not into Hip Hop either, but this was a chance for me to work on a music video and have control over the scenes and filming. No profanity involved in his music. This is the final version that was released a...
  3. EvsFX08

    Point of View Scenes

    Does anyone know what film format, speed, and anything else special I need to know in order to get the cinematic Point of View scene like in Saving Private Ryan where you see the action from the characters point of view? When I move my camera around like that, I get blurred and dizziying images...
  4. EvsFX08

    Closed Captioning question

    Does anybody know anything about Closed Captioning and how it works? Is it simply subtitles or some other live technology? I have a customer asking me if I know how to do this. I don't know if it's for a video (which I think would be simple subtitles) or for a live broadcast, but I'm waiting for...
  5. EvsFX08

    Faith Based film bandwagon?

    Hello all, I'd like to know if anyone is jumping on the Christian film bandwagon? Not that it's a bad thing at all, but I'm just wondering if anyone is trying to get into the new found attention given to faith based films? I think Fireproof really put the spotlight on the faith based genre. So...
  6. EvsFX08

    PRE, CERE, and REC footage?

    Hello all, I was wondering is someone could answer a question.I was offered a couple of projects by a wedding videographer and he asked me how long my turn around time is for PRE, CERE, and REC footage? I have no idea what he's talking about, I'm sure it's something simple, but what in the world...
  7. EvsFX08

    MAC and After Effects

    I've been procrastinating on asking this question because it seems like a simple answer but I can't find the answer anywhere else. If I buy a MAC and After effects to go with it (i'll get Motion too, but I'm used to AE) will the plug- ins I have for AE on a PC work with the AE on a MAC? I'd hate...
  8. EvsFX08

    Christian Bale out rage

    OK so I'd like to hear how some of you producers would have handled the whole Christian Bale outburst. On one hand, I can kinda see his point of being distracted espescially when being paid as much as he gets, however, on the other hand, isn't it the expense of the producer on having to redo the...
  9. EvsFX08

    Business BreakThrough Questions

    Hello all, I'd like to know from everyone about how long did it take to finally get your business going and making profits? I'm at a year now and just now starting to see the fruits of my labor. Just curious to hear other people's plans and breakthrough timelines.
  10. EvsFX08

    Video Editing/VFX services

    Alabama Video editing/VFX company looking to establish working relationships with local Indie Film makers. Affordable quality editing and visual effects are offered with 2ReelFX.com.
  11. EvsFX08

    Books on advanced editing

    Does anyone have any recommendation on books that I can read for advanced editing? Specifically, I'm looking into learning about why I would need to "pull down" video, change the frame rates, worry about interlaced versus progressive, etc. I'm looking into the technical side of film and video. I...
  12. EvsFX08

    How do Producers package their film?

    Hello, I've looked through most of the forums, I'm sure this questions has been answered. I am an experienced SFX artist but have only done home videos, weddings, etc. I would like to get into the Indie genre, but I don't know much about this category of film. I know how to convert most consumer...