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    $99 Orchestra

    Hi everyone, Has anybody else heard about this $99 Orchestra? http://www.99dollarorchestra.com/#meltdown-tour Basically, it's a 7 minute recording session aimed at recording 30s to 1:30. 30 musicians. So, I'm assuming you'd get a couple practice runs, record (once or twice), and you're done...
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    How To Ruin Your Career & Bring Down The Music Industry (Article)

    Hey all, Here's an article recently released from a top-end sample instrument developer regarding the notion of working for free. http://8dio.com/#blog/how-to-ruin-your-career-and-bring-down-the-music-industry/ Thoughts?
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    Scoring the Cosmos: A Conversation with Alan Silvestri and Seth MacFarlane

    A bit of a long read but certainly worth it! http://projectorandorchestra.com/scoring-the-cosmos-a-conversation-with-alan-silvestri-and-seth-macfarlane/ Quote from the article: "It was also an extremely rare scenario where the composer wasn’t asked to spend a lot of time creating elaborate...
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    Thoughts on the new Mac Pro???

    Hey guys (and gals), With the announcement of the specs and pricing for the upcoming Mac Pro I was curious what the initial feedback is from the film community? Thoughts? http://store.apple.com/us/buy-mac/mac-pro
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    Writer's Block

    Hi guys and gals, I came across an interesting article regarding writer's block. Although it's from a composer's standpoint I still think you might be able to find relevant parallels as writers. As I composer myself I enjoy listening to the Scriptnotes podcast....and just sub out "writer" for...
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    Demo reels for composers: What are directors looking for?

    Hi guys, I've come across a number of composers who have audio and/or video demo reels. It seems like it's a must from a professional standpoint. I would like to hear what directors are looking for in an audio and/or video demo reel from composers. Let me also ask this question: What DON'T...
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    The Music of Wall-E: A short interview with Thomas Newman and Andrew Stanton

    Here's a great interview with composer Thomas Newman and director Andrew Stanton regarding their relationship with the music of Disney's Wall-E. I thought this was just fantastic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg7dzJgljqY Enjoy!
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    Spotting a film

    Hey everyone, When it comes to spotting a film for music what's your approach? - Mike
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    Hello from Orlando, Fl.

    Hi, I'm a professional musician & composer. Looking forward to learning. - Mike