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    The Official "Next Month" thread

    Indie of the Month is a success! We kicked off the IOTM with a couple simple ones. Trailer and Movie Poster. We'll eventually do some challenges where you make the film for IndieTalk. Must have this prop, be this genre, etc. But we'll also keep doing themes and genres for completed projects...
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    misc Back online!

    We are back online. :)
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    misc When craft services has Swedish meatballs
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    indie Happy Labor Day Weekend! BBQ or Bizzy?

    What's everyone up to? Shrimp on the barbie or shooting film????
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    suggestion Online film competiton

    Let me know your thoughts on an official IndieTalk film competition! We have a program that will let you enter and vote. There will be prizes, yes. The suggestions I need are more on the format. This will be ongoing, so the questions are: If they are monthly, would you be able to complete a...
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    Where's my NY crew?

    :hi: from Brooklyn!
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    feature Area-based networking is here!

    The Networking forum has the sub-category labels of the 50 states and popular filmmaking areas. With broader areas you can always be more precise in the title, as in (select) Europe (enter) Netherlands. Of course it needs to be focused and manageable since it's a list, but if you prefer you...
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    software Final Draft promo

    If you've been thinking about getting Final Draft, we're about to introduce a killer price for version 11 new and upgrades! But you may want to upgrade your account to indiePRO or indieBIZ now, because that's how you get it! More info next week!!!! (Shhhhhh, if you upgrade now and PM me I can...
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    announcement Follow us on social media, we follow back!

    We're at indietalkcom on all 3:
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    misc Are you brand loyal?

    Are you brand loyal? And if so, which brands, and why? I know there are "Panasonic" people, and "Sony" people. "Sennheiser" and "Rode" people etc. Then there are those that do research and buy what they think is best for them at that time, and are not brand loyal. Others shop by price. Which...
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    movie-talk Timeful Movies

    WTF is Timeful? Well, the antonym of Timeless of course! :D This is the list of movies that proved not to be timeless after all. Timeless movies are great. But it takes, um, time to know if they are actually timeless. You always hear critics throw the term around with new flicks. But. Talk to...
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    directing Work smarter, not harder

    There's a lot to be said about this mantra. Especially on a film set. And I'm sure you've learned plenty along the way. Time management Delegation of power Guerrilla filmmaking DIY Productivity skills Flexibility Adaptability What not to do Willingness to learn! ____________ Tell us! Let's...
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    top-list So bad it's good!

    Okay here's your So Bad It's Good Top However-many! Tired cliches, extra cheese, horrible effects, horrendous acting, or on the nose dialog... what makes a film so bad it's good to you?! I'm not sure if your #1 or #10 is the best, I mean worst, I mean... oh forget it, just... go! :lol:
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    feature Bookmarks

    Introducing Bookmarks! Now you can easily keep track of useful posts. This is different than subscribing to a thread. This is for particular posts, and there are no notifications. Similar to a browser bookmark. So when you see that tip on page 451 of that buried thread, have no fear, Bookmark...
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    gimbals Anyone tried this phone gimbal?
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    feature Mentions (tagging) members

    If you would like to mention a member just do it like you do on social media! Just like @TheMusicBox :D
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    announcement Welcome to indietalk 3.0!

    FINALLY! Thank you for your patience! It was a lot of work but we are back, with the 3rd incarnation of indietalk! (est. 2003) If you see this and you cannot login, you must use email now, not your username. If you need assistance, contact us. Lots of new features, so please settle in and...
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    announcement April 10

    Apr 10 we will close the website and upgrade. We may be down for a few days, or maybe only a day. It all depends. Thank you for understanding, and get ready for the new site! We will keep you informed along the way. :)
  19. indietalk - Branded Competition Announced

    Branded Competition Announced 15 Minute Pit Stops In 2025, it will only take 15 minutes to recharge your car. In these circumstances, what would you do with those 15 minutes to recharge yourself while you recharge your car? Send in your pitches for a 3 to 5 minute original short film that...