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    Best type of light for indoor video

    Hello guys, first please excuse my english, not my main language. I'm working on a long time project. We're going to be filming guest bands in the bar environment and create live music videos out of it (film their performance). Lights will be placed from the ceiling down (at angle) towards the...
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    Song -> Film screenplay rights?

    Hello guys, I am a student of film directing and I have to do an exercise which is to direct a short film (and write a screenplay for it). I always loved a song from some band and I thought it has a great potential to be made into short film. What I want to do is film my own interpretation of...
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    ProAM USA Autopilot Camera stabilizer. Is it any good?

    Hello guys, I was looking into cheap steadicams and I found this one through Film Riot. Does any of you guys have it, is it any good? They obviously like it on Film Riot and it works just as well as glidecam even though it's cheaper. I don't have an option to test it myself so I'm asking here...
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    The Jean-Jacques Beineix look - how to achieve it?

    Hey guys, I have some experience in directing but not too much experience with color grading or how to achieve some certain look (or film it the right way to achieve this certain look). I am wondering how to achieve the "orange days" and "blue nights" look. This look is present a lot in early...