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    plot Lots of "beginning", lots of "middle" ... no "end"

    Seeing as there's been a bit of an influx of screen-writers lately, it feels like a good time to ask for help on this point: how do you figure out how (or when) to end your story? Alternatively: do you typically start with the end/twist and work backwards? I'm more of a craftsman than an...
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    film-school Adverts or animation - which is the more valuable teaching/learning tool?

    For new entrants to this world of stories told through moving pictures, which format would be a better model from which to learn? As I read through the intros posted on this forum, I see many people (like myself) with Big Ideas but very limited access to the resources needed to turn those ideas...
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    France Profonde says bonjour!

    Long time lurker (in fits and starts) finally coming out so that I can thank the IndieTalk community for all kinds of insights and useful info! :cool: Currently living in central France, I'm one of those "none of the above" people - have been interested in all things cinematographic from a...