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  1. Filman

    Crypto Shadow - Short Script

  2. Filman

    Crypto Shadow - Short Script

    Sometimes here my comment is "cut the first scene" or "cut the first half". This time I'd want the first dialogue to vanish.
  3. Filman

    watch Staydream Pilot

    A delightful concept, with fresh acting. Note: Could keep mom in frame for a while before she says "Oh".
  4. Filman

    multi-cam setup with 1 camera

    Mc must mean split screen. Same thing, two angles.
  5. Filman

    watch First music video

    Good looking footage and well performed. I see a pattern in the cuts. The predictability there steals attention it shouldn't get.
  6. Filman

    Writing a Scene From a Character's POV?

    One second after the POV switch:
  7. Filman

    Writing a Scene From a Character's POV?

    Very nice :thumbsup:
  8. Filman

    Writing a Scene From a Character's POV?

    Something tells me that Steven is doing some intense rewriting now as he knows what to look for. Get those scenes to work, man. Then plug in the phones.
  9. Filman

    watch CREEP (2017) - Improvised Japanese short horror film

    The Jaws-like sound effect fills the room. Pretty awesome.
  10. Filman

    Writing a Scene From a Character's POV?

    I think they mean the whole scene. Scene structure.
  11. Filman

    watch Better Homes and Vlllains (Four Points Film Project - Best Camera Move Award)

    And that is a hell of a camera move. Did you invent it? If so you should mention it, because it is about to be sto-o-len.
  12. Filman

    watch Something New, Something Different. (Plese Give Feedback)

    Yup, Velusion hits the spot... and mussonman knows his stuff, too.
  13. Filman

    Bad Case of Writers Block

    You don't mention how it ends, but I see what you're looking for, from the information you give. Harper can't keep a man in her life. Her mother made her this way and she finds the answer in Delilah. It ends with a new boyfriend who respects her for who she truly is. All thanks to what she...
  14. Filman

    watch Philip (Short Film)

    Found it interesting that you've risen the stakes through increasing camera shakes. Sort of replaced storytelling with camera terror, but now I read that it wasn't intentional. Maybe you shouldn't talk too much and let the art speak for itself?
  15. Filman

    watch Rise of The Avalanche - Trailer

    Smooth and sympathetic, Sally. Must have hit right with your futuristic vision to get those nominations, baby.
  16. Filman

    watch "Austin Weird" - An independent feature film shot in Austin, TX

    Yeah, seems you've spent your time wisely... and market New York as better than Texas.
  17. Filman

    watch Our Latest Sketch (Gossip Girl Parody)

    The theme could not be better. The execution makes sense, is really good at first, a bit all over the place, about to slip through the fingers towards the end.
  18. Filman

    I'm stuck

    Sorry everyone. Didn't mean to limit your creativity with my genre question. Assumed he knows already. Genre doesn't limit me, obviously.
  19. Filman

    I'm stuck

    Genre, please. You already know your genre, for sure.
  20. Filman

    watch [Short Film] The end of everything (Funeral Movement)

    Holy crapsy. The exterior shots are incredible. Make a version where you get rid of the whole first half and open with the first ext shot. Awesomness, man. Flowers in the water - incredible. Followed by an underwater shot.