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  1. Chip_Chune92

    My Dream Projects Final Trailer (Fantasy Film)

    I was gonna say, the "remix" and MJ are in two different keys.......
  2. Chip_Chune92

    score Composers, What music are you working on?

    Hey! I don't mean to encroach on the previous guys post, but since it was mentioned it reminded me of a couple of old pieces I put together for a game which the creators said was ultimately "too intense" for their horror game. I haven't been able to find a home for them as of yet, but I'm just...
  3. Chip_Chune92

    Greetings From a Composer and Producer!

    Hi all, My name is Paul- I'm from the USA, and my wife Rae is Chinese. I'm a composer who basically studied classical music but write in a variety of styles, mostly for video games, short films or for myself and friends. Rae works as a producer for a production company that essentially gets...