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  1. clark ratliff

    critique WORK IN PROGRESS scripts

    Thanks diretorik, (great to know others out there with disabilities I would say?) I still don't think this is my site. But I do appreciate you taking the time to be cordial. I know most script for 30 minute shows are 25-30 pages. I tried to mimic the way they talk on the show. I love the fact...
  2. clark ratliff

    critique WORK IN PROGRESS scripts

    I believe sites such as this( and have tried many) I see no interaction. People post works and no comments. What comments there are (well you see). As for DrK comments the jist I got was didn't like, not interested. I get my stuff is to wordy (learning, as if maybe others could, maybe glance...
  3. clark ratliff

    critique WORK IN PROGRESS scripts

    Thanks everyone your support has been.................................................. (what was the point of this site again?)
  4. clark ratliff

    New to this ..

    Welcome. If you have some works to share I'll read. If you get the chance read some of mine.
  5. clark ratliff

    Independent Director/Writer - Lets Collaborate

    Hey, Cross. Welcome. If you like to share some works with me that would be great. You can read mine on this site.
  6. clark ratliff

    Hello Everyone

    Interested. (oh, and welcome). I always thought we should start a Roku channel start small horror/drama/comedy. Instead of us waiting for Hollywood we just jump in. Got a lot of ideas if interested let me know.
  7. clark ratliff

    story Does anyone here read screenplays?

    I'm open to. You or anyone can send to my email. If you get a chance read some of mine.
  8. clark ratliff

    Yeah. Send it to my e-mail.

    Yeah. Send it to my e-mail.
  9. clark ratliff

    actors Have you ever watched any movie with a really sexy character?

    Anything with Angelina Jolie. She has a charisma that is not over the top. Some are just born with it.
  10. clark ratliff

    i need to do this apparently

    I like your post, classic. If you got any works to share that'd be great.
  11. clark ratliff

    Hello everybody, I'm from LA-NYC. Love to share the creativity with you all.

    Hope you have better luck than myself here. I'm open to networking. If you get a chance check out my writing.
  12. clark ratliff

    I write short quirky comedies.

    Hi Debra. Any scripts you can share with rest of the class?
  13. clark ratliff

    critique WORK IN PROGRESS scripts

    Hello everyone, I’m posting some links to some of my scripts. If you want to jump in here’s the links: 1 life as a screenplay miniseries Logline: An actress turned vigilante hunts down a rapist, afterwards, her sister falls for a club owner caught in the wake...
  14. clark ratliff

    My horror movie idea (Yah! I know I have to write but I need critique first.)

    I think it would be interesting. You may start writing it and change it into something else. Decide if you want it to be a drama, comedy etc. A princess bride of the vampire world?
  15. clark ratliff

    Anyone feel like reading a screenplay or two?

    If still interested I would give them a shot
  16. clark ratliff

    I would like to read your screenplay. My email is

    I would like to read your screenplay. My email is
  17. clark ratliff

    critique Inamorata - Short Thriller - 9 Pages

    Hey Steven, I’ll make notes as I read. Pardon me if I’m wrong should it be ‘beret’ for one and berets (plural)? I love the way how you describe the opening with Jacob and Evelyn. It really gets my attention. Like the pill part she doesn’t mess around. I like how you describe the scene...
  18. clark ratliff

    Seeking collaborators and reads

    Hello everyone. I’ll jump right in and talk all about me (my favorite subject). I have an alphabet of learning disabilities from ADD to OCD and anything in between. What comes easy to most is a struggle for me. I’ve tried to do this writing thing on my own and that has not worked out. Such as...