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    Using a scene from a film in the background of my scene?

    Yeah I was worried about that. I can film something myself I guess it'll be a fun little challenge :)
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    watch Black Smoke and Arrival // Necessary Agony [Music Videos]

    Just thought i'd share my two debut music videos I recently shot All shot on my Sony A7Sii into an Atomos Ninja Flame using a Samyang 85mm Cine Lens and a Sony 24-70GM lens Drowning Atlantis - Black Smoke Decrier - Arrival // Necesary Agony...
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    Recommendations for a camera

    What are you looking at filming? For pure bang for your buck it's hard to go past the Sony a6500 or a Panasonic G7, both will give vastly superior image to entry Canon or Nikon DSLRs IMO until you start getting into the Canon Cinema line which will be out of your range. If I had a small budget...
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    Using a scene from a film in the background of my scene?

    Thanks for the replies guys, I take copyright matters seriously and don't want to gain a reputation of being a cowboy, the last thing I want is a bad rep in the industry i'm trying to break into. The film i'm hoping to use a scene from is a Japanese animation called End Of Evangelion, not...
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    Using a scene from a film in the background of my scene?

    Not looking for legal advice, but hoping someone could provide some guidance, i've gone on Google and couldn't find much specifically relating to my question. So I want to know what the legalities around using a scene from another film/animation etc that is playing on a television in the...
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    What's the Best Video Export Format for Website?

    I find that a streamable format like .mp4 is best, if you export from premiere as a H.264 this gives pretty good results for me, just watch the bitrate as your image can fall apart pretty fast if you try to squash it too much
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    Thanks richy! Glad to be here :)
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    Just arrived, have always been interested in cinematography since a young age but have only really started considering it as a legitimate pursuit recently, looking to learn as much as I can! Hope to make some friends and network :)