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  1. Semiazas

    Problem with Skyrim

    I don't know if anyone here plays Skyrim, but I'm having a little problem with it, and was hoping for some guidance. It's actually nothing to do with the game itself, but rather, something that stops me from playing it. Essentially, I fairly recently downloaded some of the extra content...
  2. Semiazas

    Short film draft - Something to Say

    A short piece I wrote recently entitled Something to Say. It's about 4 pages in length, maybe a little less, and is a short press conference with a director (simply named Director) and is, I suppose, a commentary on the idea of film "saying something" and the burden and over-criticism that comes...
  3. Semiazas

    Dark Romantic classical composers?

    I'm looking for some classical composers that you'd call "dark romantic". Dark romantic is basically the same era and atmosphere as Poe, so any recommendations of stuff to check out for composers that have that sort of, almost gothic musical style, would be much appreciated. Cheers :)
  4. Semiazas

    Free Kindle books?

    I'm looking for recommendations for free Kindle books, but not all of the obvious classics choices. Cheers:)
  5. Semiazas

    Question about Celtx

    I'm wondering if it's possible on Celtx, to format part of a scene in a way that allows, in terms of dialogue, to show two characters saying different things, but talking at the same time, almost as if they're speaking in counterpoint. Anyone know? Cheers :)
  6. Semiazas

    What's the darkest most disturbing thriller ever made?

    The Silence of the Lambs Se7en Black Swan Funny Games Audition Ichi the Killer Misery
  7. Semiazas

    What music do you listen to?

    Huge fan of musical theater, particularly RENT Spring Awakening Next to Normal Anything Goes Chicago Sweeney Todd Sunset Boulevard Cabaret And non musical stuff would be, among others Fleetwood Mac Howard Shore Cannibal Corpse Iron Maiden Behemoth Sonata Arctica Diablo Swing Orchestra Marilyn...
  8. Semiazas

    Question about the new "Mission Impossible"

    Cool :) If you ever happen to find it again can you please let me know?
  9. Semiazas

    Starting points for psychology and philosophy?

    I'm gonna be getting a kindle for Christmas, and I figure, with how cheap certain books are, I can finally begin to read around on psychology and philosophy. So I'm wondering if anyone knows of any books that would make good starting points for each topic? Thanks :)
  10. Semiazas

    Film blogs looking for writers?

    In the least egotistical way possible, will my name be attatched to the review? ;) I'm definitely gonna be writing a review of it, most likely tomorrow, so perhaps if you send me a message with your email address in, I can send it to you then? :D
  11. Semiazas

    Question about the new "Mission Impossible"

    I'm aware that over in the states, during IMAX screenings of the new Mission Impossible movie, there will be a prologue to The Dark Knight Rises. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this case remains true over in the UK, as I'm debating seeing the MI film, and if I can see the new Batman prologue...
  12. Semiazas

    Films of 2011 to watch?

    Funnily enough I've forgotten to put Harry Potter and ...Kevin on the list of films I've seen, haha. Thanks for the list, I'll try and get around to some when I'm off school for christmas :)
  13. Semiazas

    Film blogs looking for writers?

    I know it's very much an out there question, but if anyone here runs a film blog, I'd love to do some writing, naturally I wouldn't require pay. If it were writing reviews for anything I'd seen (several of which can be found on my personal blog) or writing articles about something, or my own...
  14. Semiazas

    Films of 2011 to watch?

    I've seen a fair few of the "major movies" of this year, and I'm wondering which others I should see. I've seen The Tree of Life Moneyball The Rum Diary The Help Take Shelter 50/50 Warrior The Ides of March Midnight in Paris Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Soon I'm planning on watching...
  15. Semiazas

    Tory party stance on riots?

    For a short film I'm gonna be doing for school, it's gonna be a satire on conservative views, it'll be taking place as an aftermath of the summer riots in the UK, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the UK conservative party reaction to the riot was so I know what to talk about in...
  16. Semiazas

    Screenplay - "The Good Life"

    First off, forgive bad formatting as it's done as a word file converted to the one for Google docs. I know it's incredibly derivative of stuff like "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and "Carnage" but I had fun...
  17. Semiazas

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    ^ I love Easy A haha The last film I saw.. Well, the last film I wrote about at least, was 'Warrior' Review here : :)
  18. Semiazas

    announcement Follow IndieTalk on Twitter...!/Sam_Moore1994 Will get around to following everyone tomorrow, as I'm off for the night now :) EDIT As I've clearly got tons of time on my hands, I've followed most of the people here, certainly the most active on Twitter at least. Would appreciate it if people followed...
  19. Semiazas

    books on directing?

    Does anybody know of any books on directing films, perhaps written by directors but that's naturally not a necessity. Cheers :)
  20. Semiazas

    Your Dream Movie

    An adaptation of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" by Edward Albee An adaptation of "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller And a couple of ideas of my own that I'm tossing around :)