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  1. cheeseandachallenge

    Run and gun/low key cameras

    I’ve not been shooting for a while, normally in production depts or in the edit suite over the last few years. So I’m well out of date when it comes to knowledge of current options. My entire kit was stolen a few years ago but I never replaced it as I don’t do so much shooting myself anymore...
  2. cheeseandachallenge

    Anyone editing in DaVinci?

    This is the correct answer, but we've gone in circles a bit here, so I'm giving it some consideration. Yeah this'll be my first feature length project (as an editor). I prefer premiere in general, but I would've preferred to used Avid on this one. It *is* a fairly low-key documentary feature...
  3. cheeseandachallenge

    Anyone editing in DaVinci?

    Howdy doody, I've been offered an edit job, director is really pushing for us to use DaVinci (he's a blackmagic owner and as a result it's the software he's most familiar). When I looked into it a few years ago it was a long way behind Adobe or Avid. That said apparently DaVinci has made some...
  4. cheeseandachallenge

    Website builders for basic portfolio site

    Thanks for the suggestions - I probably need to put in the hard hours to experiment with a few different options myself in reality. And yeah Walter, I coded a little for myself in the past, but it was over a decade ago.. Certainly gives a lot more control, but I probably have a lot to re-learn...
  5. cheeseandachallenge

    Website builders for basic portfolio site

    Howdy doody all, Haven't been here in a while. I've popped back to ask how you guys deal with building your websites? I've been using mine as a few years as a simple/easy way to share my work with potential clients and collaborators, a digital CV or portfolio of sorts. But at the time I was...
  6. cheeseandachallenge

    What are you working on?

    New EP sounds good Josh! Always a fan of your music
  7. cheeseandachallenge

    watch Changing the Tide (Trailer for Time Travel Climate Change Short)

    Howdy guys, Haven't been active in a wee while, but just wanted to share my latest trailer which was just released: This was my first experience directing and editing without being my own producer as well. It's also the most...
  8. cheeseandachallenge

    In Need of a Folk Guitarist/Aritst for Soundtrack to Hiking/Coming of Age movie

    +1 He's a super nice guy, and very talented.
  9. cheeseandachallenge

    Using a famous film speech - Permission required?

    You could have a chat to Melania Trump about this, she might have some pointers.
  10. cheeseandachallenge

    Anti-Meth PSA

    How effective do you think this PSA would be in helping someone take the steps to seek help?
  11. cheeseandachallenge

    watch No Budget Music Video

    Thanks guys! Ha.. yes
  12. cheeseandachallenge

    watch No Budget Music Video

    Howdy y'all, I made a music video for a friend's band. They live in a different city, and half the band are unemployed so we didn't really have a budget (outside feeding and transporting folk, of course). Have kind of gone for a more narrative/anti-music video approach with this one...
  13. cheeseandachallenge

    Is YouTube killing Filmmaking?

    No it isn't.
  14. cheeseandachallenge

    Cloud Storage

    Yeah fair point. Internet here is pretty fast. I don't think i'd use it for a current projects back up - more just an archive of work I don't want to lose completely (as well as being perhaps an last call back up for raw footage and audio for current projects). I do also want to use it to back...
  15. cheeseandachallenge

    Cloud Storage

    Howdy folks, I have a drawer full of harddrives, which isn't ideal/entirely safe, as well as being kind of expensive - so i'm looking into cloud storage (pretty much just to have back ups). Does anyone use cloud storage? My requirements: At least 20TB of space (unlimited would be good, but my...
  16. cheeseandachallenge

    What's so great looking about the S curve in color grading?

    Firstly that example isn't very subtle at all. You've crushed too much detail out of your blacks. Secondly, the s-curve is only part of the equation. For my tastes that image is over-saturated, and the colour balance is wrong. Your subject is also lit very unflatteringly, contributing to your...
  17. cheeseandachallenge

    Welcome to the Sausage Party!

    The two aren't really mutually exclusive, though. As you say: Promoting diversity has a capital gain as well as a societal gain.
  18. cheeseandachallenge

    Welcome to the Sausage Party!

    It's a bizarre phenomenon that's bothered me the entire time i've been on here. I would suggest there are several reasons for this: 1) there are sadly still less straight white men making films than everyone else. This is a result of society and the industry being particularly rooted in a...
  19. cheeseandachallenge

    What's your hottest track right now?

    Awesome! Yeah it'd be great to have something better than a youtube rip:)
  20. cheeseandachallenge

    What's your hottest track right now?

    I've been relistening 65DOS' The Fall of Math a lot recently. Digging this a bit - any tips on where to find their music?