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    treatment What I learned from the frustration of (re-)writing 2 page treatments

    I would love to see a treatment as an example for myself and my students if there's one available to be shared.
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    screenplay "Pledge" Advanced for High School Directors.

    I disinterested teenager finds herself trapped and hunted in a reality much more dangerous then the one she knows. With the help of a few outcast she could find her way out but not necessarily home.
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    screenplay Ideas for 5 min short

    I have a very simple screen play called "Anyone" written for high school students to produce but it's about 10-12 minutes long. It takes place in a high school, three sets, a Hallway, Bathroom and classroom involve a lot of students, everything else is one actor in an empty school. The list of...
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    logline Logline feedback for a drama, please and thank you

    Or... the guy that kills the dog and loses his girl friend turns out to be the John wick character with a dark side. Sociopathic stuff and turns the tables on the Billionaire
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    screenplay Humans (+1): Hope`s Heart - publishing screenplay as book

    I like the story Idea and your concept of combining screen play with the book. My wife is a librarian so I always start with a book or directory when I looking for information like how to publish. I did a search on agent directories and the first three books that came up may help you out. Good...
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    Silent Sirens

    I did enjoy the story. It felt like a mix between a documentary and a poem. If the themes were, "Silence sometimes speaks very loudly." then it worked for me. I could be wrong on this point but the typical journey of the protagonist, rising conflict and resolution wasn't really present. In a...
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    The first 2 hours testing Dall-E 2 for thumbnail and cover design functionality

    Amazing Images! Thank you for the share. You reminded my that I use an AI illustrator on Discord and I created a poster image for a new screen play working title "The Aldous Reality"
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    dialogue Thoughts on VO narration?

    I'm mostly on the NO narration train. I say mostly because some stories written in a GFX Novel style or Film Noir can take on a unique flavor with narration. The classic down on your luck detective story wouldn't be the same without narration that starts of with ' "It was a dark and stormy...
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    screenplay "Perfect" A High School Script - Production level easy

    Thanks so much. Yea it's a beginning directors script and a based on your advice I didn't post the entire script. Most folks dont have the time to read all 25 pages. Love the notes...all of them. Thanks again
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    screenplay "Perfect" A High School Script - Production level easy

    The future collides with the present and they dont agree. Is a perfect life with a tragic end have any less worth than a life filled with obstacles but culminating in immortality. The definition of perfect has different meanings and the winner of this debate wins a life.
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    critique High School Scripts “Anyone”

    Thanks James LOL, I may have to change that if I sell the scripts. Right now they're only intended for local use in the high school.
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    critique High School Scripts “Anyone”

    Production Level easy What happens when we keep pushing someone just because we can. Sometimes they push back in horrible ways. Sometimes they disappear and become a blip of everyone’s radar. Willy took the extraordinary measure of commanding the world to disappear and they did. Now, he must...
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    I want to share a story now but I'm thinking (possibly overthinking) protecting the rights to...

    I want to share a story now but I'm thinking (possibly overthinking) protecting the rights to the script. The fear of someone taking the script from themselves. Is that a real concern on the forum? Does my post here and my original document with the metadata protect my rights to the screenplay...
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    A bit of writing for the season.

    The difference between success and failure is only persistence. Good luck and keep going!
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    Let's Talk. PM me

    Let's Talk. PM me
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    A bit of writing for the season.

    I would like to know more about the witches. Where did they came from, why are they attacking. Are they the bad guy/girls or the good guys/girls? Are they guys and girls or just old women. Maybe the witches are technologically advanced and the brooms are antigravity fighter bikes that were...
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    Designer/Art Director/Video Artist taking a sidestep into the world of writing and filmmaking

    I get it! I've been playing around with scriptwriting for about 2 years, completed 9 short stories and it's one of those hobbies that I can't stop thinking about. Good luck in your adventure!
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    Filmmaker and Film Festival Owner

    Hey Barry! I love the genre! I'll look for your films.
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    Hello - We're a streaming platform for indie and student films!

    I love idea! I teach students filmmaking and I'm currently posting scripts on the forum for some professional feedback. I would be interested in any details on your platform.
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    That is a great idea! Thank you.