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  1. Rob B

    TASCAM DR-40

    Wow, wish they had that DR-60 when I bought my 40. The knobs and switches on the 60 would be very handy.
  2. Rob B

    Deciding to buy a new camera

    Count me as being a very happy T3i owner with a kit lens. IMHO, the kit lens is quite adequate for 'nearly pro looking' video shooting other than low light situations. Be aware, the G6 does not have a headphone jack. If you plan on recording sound with it, that might be a deal breaker. Not...
  3. Rob B

    Filming interviews? Help!!!

    I've had decent 'amateur' results using a lav mic hooked to a cheap digital recorder. I also run adobe audition on the file to get rid of noise hiss, hum etc.. Check youtube for tutorials on that part. Even in a totally quiet room, you will pick up stuff like lights buzzing, or traffic...
  4. Rob B

    Opinions needed, rent camera for documenting sports or t3i?

    Hi guys! Here again seeking stellar advice. I've got two big gigs coming up. One is a short format documentary, one is coverage for a sports even (CrossFit). All my experience (24 months) is on my T3i, and I have been able to pretty much do whatever I want with it. However, these gigs are...
  5. Rob B

    Inspirational vs. Corny.

    ..damn, awesome advice all around. Everyone has terrific instincts. Flashy muscle riddled shots are the norm, but oh so cheezy.. I really like the 'average joes' approach. It goes over extremely well, because the market is mostly average joe, but they always act like it's pre-olympian athletes.
  6. Rob B

    Inspirational vs. Corny.

    Wow, thanks!.. haha, that is inspirational to me as a film hah. I think it works so well on me because nobody is telling me how good they are.. or how inspired I should feel. Trying to avoid that. Yeah I feel the VO could easily be the empty calories of leading the viewer to feeling...
  7. Rob B

    Inspirational vs. Corny.

    Seeking advice or tips. I want to do an inspirational video for my gym. Get fit, live longer, reach goals and and all that.. I used to love that ytube video with an inspirational speech over images of athletes 'conquering' goals. Now that it has been a while and there are half a hundred...
  8. Rob B

    A 4 day roadtrip doc, need tips on camera to rent.

    The Project: A 4 day road trip documenting a band. Shots would include club shots, low light, nudity, drunkeness, tour bus and mayhem. It's a one man production, sound, edit, filming, etc. It needs to be fast and show a decent level of quality. Priorities in order: Speed to clear shot (auto...
  9. Rob B

    Track for a memorial suggestions?

    Hi guys, I have the tough task of doing a memorial video for an acquaintance of ours. I love this track> .. but I recently used it on a project that all my friends are familiar with. Does anyone...
  10. Rob B

    Canon T2i settings

    Other tips: Do take the 1/50 as a rule of thumb. I lived by it, but if you have action you might need to go faster. There will be a good deal of motion blur. To get a decent depth of field outdoors on a sunny day, open you F stop all the way, and use ND filters to compensate for the added...
  11. Rob B

    Exposure and 24p 1/50

    I went with 1/50 for 24p for most of my footage. I feel like it's a tiny bit soft. I think we are trending away from the look really. Folks are getting so many impressions on clearer and more definition the old style rules will feel fairly dated in a few years.
  12. Rob B

    Budget? 2 min Parkour spot.

    Fugn bots. Yeah I looked into the variants of ads in Ytube, kinda cool. Some day, I would rather go straight to the source, and offer a sliding rate that matched impressions to the clients specific video if possible.. It would give me more impetus to build my own network, and be able to put...
  13. Rob B

    500mm cinematography test

    I dig it. Wow, what a narrow field of focus.. I foresee myself having a tough time getting crisp imagery.
  14. Rob B

    Planning my first Music Video

    A few tips. -Dolly, tripod, and stabilize the camera as much as possible, avoid any panning, or handheld looking shots. -Second tip is to pull your focus on your camera per shot, and mark the ground for the artists, so they know where they are in focus. Don't try to focus on the fly unless...
  15. Rob B

    Budget? 2 min Parkour spot.

    ..Does anyone have a metric for the value of one view? or a block of views? What do people pay for impressions on a 3min video?
  16. Rob B

    Budget? 2 min Parkour spot.

    Yeah, it's something that could go mildly wide in views.. 50k, ish. I like the work/subject so it could be fun even in a low budget way. There is a hole in the market for this particular project and could lead to more work. .. they came back, and the budget will come in low'ish I think.. but...
  17. Rob B

    Budget? 2 min Parkour spot.

    1st thing, damn, my premier account ran out lol.. gonna have to re-up. :D Need some sage advice. Small but awesome and growing company wants to do a viral video attempt (similar to Parkour). I pitched a solid idea 2mins or so, three actors, one location, one camera, (probably more), energetic...
  18. Rob B

    watch Mood piece for Burpees.

    Interesting to me. The reasons are insignificant now, but important is they seem unclear for normal viewership.
  19. Rob B

    watch Mood piece for Burpees. Here is another vid for Squats 12.2 in Columbus Ohio.
  20. Rob B

    watch Mood piece for Burpees.

    Shot on a t3i and edited in sony vegas 11.0.. Oh, btw sony vegas 11 will fix red screen problems from vegas 9. At least the problem I had. So, this is a mood piece for a friend who owns a gym. Shot hand held, run and gun.. .. btw, looking...