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  1. JoshL

    watch Doors In The Labyrinth - Death In Paris* (music video)

    Dropping by to mention I just released a lathe-cut 7" for this song! I'm very excited because this is the first vinyl release I've done! If anyone is working on a film in the "folk horror" genre, be sure to check out the...
  2. JoshL

    RIP CamVader (John Kilderry)

    I was thinking about this film the other day, and realized it's been three years. Still thinking about you, buddy.
  3. JoshL

    watch Doors In The Labyrinth - Death In Paris* (music video) Brand new music video by Doors In The Labyrinth (me) released just in time for Friday the 13th! Directed by Chris Mason of Spinning Goat Productions The song can be downloaded for free at...
  4. JoshL

    Happy Halloween: music to listen to and use!

    Hey guys, long time! I haven't been doing film stuff lately, so I haven't been around as much (though just shot a music video with a friend, so I'll share that here when it is done). Getting ready to do the 2017 haunted house and thought I'd drag this back out again, in case anyone wants or...
  5. JoshL

    [Feb 20] What are you working on this week? Group production log

    I'm in the middle of a bit of writing. It's been slow going because I've never tried to write a feature before. It's sort of a fan script for a sequel to my favorite movie, but change two names and it could just be a similarly toned film. It's fun, I really love the idea, but I don't kid...
  6. JoshL

    Apocalypse Now, the video game.

    Certainly not the first way after the fact video game adaptation; off the top of my head, Scarface, The Warriors and The Godfather all had adaptions long after the films were released (all of those in 2005-6). However, Coppola being involved is pretty unusual, and makes me way more interested...
  7. JoshL

    How should Disney/Lucasfilm portray Leia?

    If we're going to bring midichlorians into it, they even said in ep 1 that they are just attracted to force sensitive people, they don't cause it (that will never stop me from making the "testing positive for Jedi" joke). And anyway, training. She'd need it, and I saw nothing in any of the...
  8. JoshL

    How should Disney/Lucasfilm portray Leia?

    Well, filming is done for the next film, so if her fate was already planned, they'll be okay. But if they had to do more, I'd rather they recast than the digital makeup they did for Tarkin. I thought it looked good, and made it seamless given how close the first movie and Rogue One were...
  9. JoshL

    RIP Carrie Fisher.

    RIP. An inspiring woman and wonderful actress. I'm glad we got to see her reprise the role last year, and will once again next year.
  10. JoshL

    Sound software

    For a complete system, yes. But if you already have an interface and control surface (or don't need one. I'm using mostly a touchscreen monitor these days), this would work for you: Oh, you need an iLock too, but those are $50. If you're just...
  11. JoshL

    How can I write a fight scene without it coming off as shock value only?

    Man, even your gangs are polite up there in Canada! ;) Seriously though, it almost writes itself, and develops the characters: 1) the gang keeps low key and non violent 2) the leader betrays their trust, maybe put some tension between them in the film earlier 3) they finally snap, and lash out...
  12. JoshL

    Million Women March

    The Gopro idea is perfect! Shoot interviews and prep here in Pittsburgh, and again down in DC, cut with Gopro footage from the road (whatever they feel comfortable with). I just sent the woman fronting this an email. I know another woman who does documentaries, to direct and edit, so if they are...
  13. JoshL

    Million Women March

    I know a group here in Pittsburgh who are planning a bike trip to the protest. It's about a 5 day trip (335 miles), and given the weather in January, could be a pretty rough trek. I appreciate the commitment and dedication of these women (the bike scene around here is pretty crazy) and I'm sure...
  14. JoshL

    Introducing: Upbeat Drop!

    You never know until you try! Definitely shoot for one of the "smaller" songs...but get a price on the big one too. It can't hurt to ask! And if you're focusing on Marley fans in this project, i'd lean towards Small Axe, as that it was also the name of a reggae zine throughout the 80s. Not...
  15. JoshL

    Introducing: Upbeat Drop!

    Did you try get to get the license? Even if you only got one song which you could heavily feature, that would probably be a good investment. It might be worth checking into, even if only how much it would set you back, maybe you could do some crowdfunding for it, because you are right, it's a...
  16. JoshL

    Introducing: Upbeat Drop!

    Best of luck, CF! You too, Nick!
  17. JoshL

    What are you working on?

    Congrats on the nominations, Nick! Just finished the haunted house, which I think was our most successful year. The kids loved it, and there were far fewer problem children. The theme was pokemon, and we created a little card game for the kids to play, 4 mini-mazes rather than one big one, the...
  18. JoshL

    What are you working on?

    Flicker does the best Halloween shorts, hands down! Equal parts comedy and horror! Best of luck with the schooling!
  19. JoshL

    Rapist costume (funny)

    Seconding CF, and reminded of this, which was not a comedy and pretty intense: The clown was the victim in that one, not the perpetrator. I'm not sure I could think of anything that's inherently funny, it's going to be on you to twist it into humor, and where...
  20. JoshL

    How To Achieve The $1 Billion Box Office Gross

    TFA will probably be on this list, but where it lands will depend on the calculation. The numbers you are using are from a 2014 chart. Inflation usually works around 3% a year, and it would need to have raised 10% over two years for it to not make the list. It's also worth noting that it made...