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    watch Celebration of Life- A Short Film

    Hey! My name is Pedro Pucheu, I'm a 19 year old filmmaker and have just released a new short film called 'Celebration of Life' - about a boy who has recently lost his mother to an illness, and attempts to overcome the sorrowful memories. Shot with a Canonr R5C with a 35mm and 70mm lens. Here...
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    An Unknown Reality - A Short Film

    'An Unknown Reality' - A Short Film by Pedro Pucheu. Hey, this is a short film that I have recently made about a boy who has previously struggled with hallucinations, now believes that this new thing/being that he is experiencing is real and harmful to himself and others. Its a zero-to-no...
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    Anyone need an Editor?

    Hey. My name is Pedro and I'm a filmmaker based in London. Recently I've been looking to expand my editing portfolio and was wondering if anyone here wanted a video/film edited for them? If so please reach out to me through here or via email - Best Regards, Pedro
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    Hey alla!

    Welcome Matte!
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    Looking for a composer to create a film score for my 7 minute short film.

    Hey! Thanks for the reply. Yes a Skype call would be great where we can discuss the specifics of the project! My email is Looking forward to hearing from you
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    score Do we have any short films or scenes to practice on?

    Hey. I've recently shot a short film, around 7 minutes long, and was looking for a composer to create a score for it. Would you be interested? If so, please leave a message and we can discuss the project further. Best Regards, Pedro
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    Looking for a composer to create a film score for my 7 minute short film.

    Hey, My name is Pedro and I've recently shot and edited a short film called 'An Unknown Reality', a suspensful film that explorers a boys' encouters with his hallucinations. I've been looking for a composer to create the score for it, unfortunately this is a 0 Budget short film so it wouldn't be...
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    Looking for someone who needs original music for an Indie Movie or film!

    Hey! I've finished shooting and almost finished editing my short film that I've just created called 'An Unknown Reality' and have been looking for a composer who has good software to create a piece for me. It would pretty much be heavily inspired by some pieces that I've gathered, but would be...
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    Born to Grapple

    Hi! This is a video I made for a fighter who was about to have his first fight and wanted to promote it by showing off his skills. I shot it with the Panasonic G7 with a 25mm f1.7 lens I hope that you enjoy it and would be great if you could leave some feedback! Thanks
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    watch New Promo Video

    Hey! Thank you very much for the great feedback, I'm really grateful for it. Your point on the artistic side of the video makes total sense, and adding the coach's pep talk/comments throughout the fighting would definitely improve the inspirational/promotional aspect of the video. I'm still...
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    watch New Promo Video

    Hello! This is my new video I have made for my local boxing gym. Would be great for you guys to watch it and share some feedback. Best Regards, Pedro
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    wanted Royalty Free Music

    Hello! Does anyone know where to get royalty free music without having to get a paid subscription?
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    watch First Promo Video

    Hey! This is one of my first videos that I made with my camera! Would be great if you could check it out and give some feedback. Best Regards, Pedro
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    service Composer Available 2021

    Some great tracks! I plan on making my first short film later this year (around summer) and might contact you if you are down!
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    16 year old aspiring Film Director!

    Hey! My name is Pedro and I'm an aspiring Film Director. Film has been a major part in my life, and I've always been creating short films. I bought a camera (Panasonic G7) in April 2020 and have been doing photography and have made several videos. I'm planning on making a proper short film with...