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    "Surviving Family" streaming on Vimeo on Demand

    What was the reason to distribute on Vimeo? Given Amazon's vast reach, Vimeo seems like a redundant subset of what Amazon can do.
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    Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

    You should parlay these reviews into more views. Let the reviewers know it’s available on Prime See if they will republish or get more reviews to drive in more viewers. I have some other comments but would rather message or email them to you since they negative in nature. Don't be modest...
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    Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

    The potential is certainly there. I think you have a lot of untapped revenue to be gained from the two movies of yours that I've seen. Of course, I don't know what you've made so far. But the lack of reviews suggest that you haven't exhausted your viewership. I urge you to revisit your...
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    Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

    Finished Abduction and enjoyed it too. The thing about Amazon Video Direct is that the numbers are so vast that you theoretically can be profitably at a one cent per hour compensation rate. There are 100 million Prime subscribers. If ten million people watch a 2 hour film at 6 cents per...
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    Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

    I quite enjoyed your film Tainted Love Night of the Incubus. I hope it is doing well.
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    Amazon did it again.

    It was too good to be true. Amazon Prime Video is a free service connected to the Prime membership which gives you free shipping on many of the purchases made on Amazon. They have to be bleeding money. I honestly don't know how they can provide the free shipping either.
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    Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

    Have you or can you ask Filmhub what their take is on Amazon situation? I assume at some point they actually talk to a human being who might shed some light on how filmmakers should proceed in their future submissions.
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    Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

    My film had a Black female lead with a primarily Black, Latino, and Asian cast. The key people behind the production were Latino and Asian. There was no nudity, no sex, and little profanity. The kills were mild, and it was more or less the typical group goes to woods and gets killed off one...
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    Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

    I haven't heard anyone else assert that Amazon is pushing movie producers to pay for advertising of their titles. I know that you can pay to promote your books on Amazon. Not that you're wrong but I haven't been solicited by Amazon and neither has anyone else to my knowledge. I've heard a...
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    Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

    All of my films have closed captioning, and you cannot upload onto Amazon and go live without having closed captions. Both of the movies that were removed had been on Amazon for close to two years.
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    Amazon Prime Video Removing Titles

    Recently Amazon has been removing titles from its platform without a clear explanation of why. All of the titles are independent and vary in quality. Does anyone know what's going on? Two of the three titles that I produced were removed. One of them had technical issues with the aspect...
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    Is this a good "Show don’t tell"?

    While I generally agree with the previous responses, “show don’t tell” refers to conveying incidents or events or significant pieces of information. For example, suppose you had written a scene where Andy meets his friend and mentions that he had a fight with his sister instead of the scene...
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    The biggest mistakes of screenplay writing

    Lack of conflict After having read over a thousand amateur screenplays, I can definitely say lack of conflict is the biggest and most common mistake in screenwriting. A screenplay is a narrative about a character who diligently pursues a significant goal but encounters obstacles that result...
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    In addition, Amazon Prime will be available on Apple TV. This will certainly allow more Apple people to see Amazon Prime material perhaps foregoing the need to be on iTunes to a certain extent.
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    watch Marty : A Wild West Neverland

    Thanks! No, Jonah and I couldn't attend the Family Film Festival although we live in Southern California. I hadn't mention it here on Indietalk because the film was doing the festival circuit. My only participation with the film was being a chauffeur for my son and some ADR. Alas, the work of...
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    watch Marty : A Wild West Neverland

    Marty - A Wild West Neverland is an adventure-fantasy set in a world inhabited by only kids. Marty and Dee cross paths with the ruthless One-Eyed Johnny and the Krimson Kids where they experience the harsh realities of tyranny and violence in the West. I'm so excited that this film where my son...
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    Youtuber gets a billion views.

    My movie The Corpse That Wouldn't Live was just demonetized because it might be too extreme for Youtube. I would think it was PG 13 at worse. Advertisers don't want to associated with controversial material. That's something else to think about.
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    Unpaid Underage actors

    My son is a 14 y.o. professional actor here in California so here's my take. I don't think you will have any problems casting the 17 y.o. as long as the scope of the project is limited. To be sure there are a lot of child labor laws but they are usually only enforced by the set teacher which...
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    Roku Channels - Who Owns Them?

    On my Roku, there are three channels "Watch Free Flix" Horror Hall" and "Sci-Fi Station" that show generally low budget films with a lot of commercials. They're very much like Crackle and Viewster. Does anyone know who owns them? It seems like they would be lucrative venues for showing feature...
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    Audio - Cold with Echo? - How To Make Better

    Thanks Alcove Audio and Soundlufs! Much appreciated! Good advice.