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    service KitSplit Launches Quote System

    KitSplit is offering a new easier way for filmmakers and photographers to secure all the gear they need for their latest projects with the KitSplit Quote System. The Quote System lets renters list all the gear they are looking for and then notifies preferred owners on the platform who can offer...
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    ad My First Feature Available for VOD Pre-Order

    After a pretty long road of production, post, festivals, and screenings my first feature, Meme, is available for pre-order on iTunes, and my own company's Vimeo OTT channel (with some fun special features). The film will be available to watch on those platforms and Amazon October 8th. Links at...
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    website Interview with Filmmaker Kansas Bowling

    She's finishing her second feature, shoots on 16mm, and has a part in Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I enjoy her advice to not listen to anyone and do what you want.
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    Hey Ladies and Gents! Horror genre filmmaker here in the NYC are ready to connect!

    Welcome! Best of luck with the project!
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    Hello from Japan!

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    Where's my NY crew?

    Also in Brooklyn!
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    Which social media platforms do you use for film-related marketing?

    I think it tends to vary from project to project and individual networks. I tend to get more interest from people outside friends/family on Twitter, but I've cultivated my Twitter a lot more so that likely has a big impact on that. I've tried advertising on several of them and the only one I...
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    Can I use videogames as a source of filmmaking and cinematography inspiration?

    Whatever inspires you whether it is video games, comics, paintings, films, the news, or whatever. It's all valid. Inspiration comes from all over. I'm not much of a video games guy myself but I can totally see how they could inspire film ideas and approaches.
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    movies Kill The Movie

    Congrats on the fest acceptance!
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    press-release KitSplit Improves Gear Safety with Groundbreaking Owner Guarantee

    KitSplit is raising the bar for gear safety in the rental industry. KitSplit just announced the Owner Guarantee, providing gear owners ultimate peace of mind. The KitSplit Owner Guarantee makes KitSplit the only rental platform to cover owners in all scenarios, whether damage, loss or theft...
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    website Guide to Making a Call Sheet with a Free Template

    Put together this guide to making a call sheet based on the one I've been using for years. You can get the template for the call sheet at the end of the post.
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    website Comparison of the Sony a7R III vs the new a7R IV

    Wrote this up recently comparing the Sony a7R III to the specs of the new a7R IV for anyone who might be considering the upgrade (or deciding on if the extra money is worth it). There's some big numbers involved but they don't seem to amount to a major increase in quality to me. You can read the...
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    announcement Welcome to indietalk 3.0!

    Ooh I've not been back in a little bit but I'm digging the new look. Nice!
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    How to Feed Cast & Crew on a Tight Budget

    New blog post on how to feed your cast and crew when the budget is tight: How to Feed Your Cast and Crew on a Tight Budget
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    "Surviving Family" streaming on Vimeo on Demand

    Very cool. Making a note to myself to check it out soon!
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    Beginners' Guide to Color Correction

    Glad to hear it! Trying to keep things informative and useful.
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    After Effects help

    I think the corner pin effect will do what you want.
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    How to write character's emotional reactions in a screenplay?

    I'll echo the advice already given that you should just keep it to a simple action like "freeze on the spot." I'd also say it somewhat depends on what you're doing with the script. If you're just going to make it, keep it to simple action. If you're going to be pitching it to people and having...