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    screen writer

    "That is the #1 mistake, getting bogged down rewriting a scene over and over. Write the whole script, don't even reread what you just wrote, just forge ahead, THEN come back" those are words to live by right there...also i usually just write my script as a book for the first few drafts its just...
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    watch Trailler for: The Feel Good Revolution

    hey whats up this sounds like it will be a great movie i like the idea great name too get me on msn or something
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    adobe premiere help

    i am new to premiere and it is tough to learn either that or my copy is horriable its a real copy i just bought it from a friend
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    adobe premiere help

    thanks alot
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    adobe premiere help

    no i bought mine from a friend who doesnt use it anymore
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    adobe premiere help

    i just got adobe premeire 6.5 and i have no idea how to use it at all if anybody has a manual or knows were to get one it would be really apprecitative(sp) or any help email me if you can help
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    favorite New 10 favorite movies

    in no particluar order natural born killers taxi driver rear window the mighty duuck triliogy pulp fictiion cursed the skulls the truman show all of m. night shaymalan movies back door slut 9
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    sleeping is overrated
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    10 films u enjoi

    in no certain order pulp fiction resivior dogs rear window vertigo citizen kane american graffiti sixth sence dumb and dumber ET the skulls
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    anyone from michigan

    hell ya man that would be really cool what is yer project about?
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    how do yall write your scripts

    i mean like the structre and they way you write it
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    how do yall write your scripts

    i was just wondering how everyone wrote there scripts
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    Just Saw A Good Movie

    hey whats up i kinda thought that slc punk was kinda slow but it was a good but i think the curve was one of his best
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    Straight Plan For the Gay Man: Your Thoughts...

    unless those are the only good shows on that channel and all the other ones suck
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    favorite favorite actor/actress

    who is everyones favorite actor or actress? mine would have to be joshua jackson from the skulls or dawsons creek i think he can tell any part well
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    whats up

    ya ya i am studying up on retardation alot right now i am tring to get it all and i have search alot about child abuse thatnks for all the luck and ideas
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    Straight Plan For the Gay Man: Your Thoughts...

    the only thing i watch on comedy central is the chappele show and reno 911 or satnd ups but other than that i really dont like that channel
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    anyone from michigan

    right now i have no one to talked to about filmmaking all i have is my friend who is really cool and likes to help me out so if anyone is from southwest to central south michigan give me a shout if you dont mind hanging out with a 17 year i would like to talk about filmamking or get together...
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    Steven Spielberg: The Greatest Director

    catch me if you can back to the future saving private ryan
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    whats up

    my film i havent got down everything yet but its about this family of a mom and dad two half brothers one is kinda mentally retarded and the parents get killed and the older boy (the non retarded boy) is the head of the two they keep the house (he is 18 and the slow boy is 15) he gets a job and...