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  1. Josiah

    H4n Zoom/Canon 60D Hookup

    So... I just bought an H4n Zoom the other day to improve my audio. And I know how to record separately, how to log sound for post-sync, but I was just wondering if there's any way to directly connect the H4n audio with my Canon 60D? :)
  2. Josiah

    Hello ... Can I be a film maker?

    You have to first be bitten by an actual filmmaker... you know... to get the infection. :) No seriously, I enjoyed watching your videos. WELCOME, NEW FILMMAKER!
  3. Josiah


    You're still not being specific... lol
  4. Josiah

    Directing book recommendations?

    "Directing Actors" by Judith Weston. Learn how to direct actors. This is one of the most important things you will need to learn. And there are certain "formulas" you will need to know to do this. But as a director, you should learn, literally, everything involved in filmmaking, to some degree...
  5. Josiah


    You should give someone who might be a potential producer a LOT of information about your film. No one wants to take a risk they don't feel comfortable in taking.
  6. Josiah

    Need Help w/ Audio

    I have a question for y'all. My boom mic always seems to have this background fuzz sound. Although it's not bothersome, it'd be kind of nice to eliminate it if possible. Do you have any advice on how to eliminate this?
  7. Josiah


    Hey, is there anyone else from Michigan who makes or acts in movies? Or am I a lone ranger? :)
  8. Josiah

    Man, I'm rude...

    Lol welcome brother!
  9. Josiah

    watch What Do You Think?

    It's the first thing I thought when I pulled up the page too....
  10. Josiah

    I Need Answers...

    Okay. Good. I was pretty sure I knew what I was talking about.... thanks for the clarification guys! I think a rum 'n coke would be pretty good right now ;)
  11. Josiah

    I Need Answers...

    My friend and I were having a talk the other day. And he said that since I didn't register a copyright for "Ping-Pong Master" (my debut short), anybody could use the movie, images, footage, whatever, and there's nothing I could do about it, because I don't have proof that I'm the owner or...
  12. Josiah

    Feedback on Movie Idea

    Lol thanks guys! I've never tried to fit an action story into three/four minutes, so this'll be new and fun! :)
  13. Josiah

    watch Ping-Pong Master Opening Scene

    Lol I know right? Ping-pong is a big deal for them ;)
  14. Josiah

    watch Ping-Pong Master Opening Scene

    Hey everyone, this is the opening scene from my debut movie from last year's February. Really hard to believe a year has gone by already... Anyway, just thought I'd post this if anybody's interested in taking a look.
  15. Josiah

    How to make a young person look like a 60 year old woman

    Random (but since we're talking about drinks, not too random): I love Monster drinks. And coffee :)
  16. Josiah

    How to make a young person look like a 60 year old woman

    LOL! Now that's funny :)
  17. Josiah

    Feedback on Movie Idea

    Haha I'll remember that! :) More sage wisdom from Wheatgrinder....
  18. Josiah

    Do we encourage each other enough to keep trying?

    I keep trying because I feel that I MUST, and that I CAN'T stop. I will always make movies, no matter what people say or do.
  19. Josiah

    Feedback on Movie Idea

    Lol exactly :)
  20. Josiah

    Thoughts on green screen?

    Yes real cool. Have you done research on how to use green screen so that you don't get the line part around objects? Just wondering.