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  1. Incubo

    The subtle way of storytelling: Sugarless (music video)

    WOW that's so cool. It always struck me so much to find videos very similar to mine that I haven't seen before doing it. This even has a flashback with a girl dressed in white and candles 🤯 thank you so much. About the editing program: I used DaVinci Resolve for this video. I think I could have...
  2. Incubo

    The subtle way of storytelling: Sugarless (music video)

    Well that's not matter of being right or wrong really, it's just ways of seeing things you know. I think the main cause is that you see, standard cinema and cinematic art as two very different things. Whereas I believe in (and I try to make) a blend of the two. Anyway I really like your way of...
  3. Incubo

    The subtle way of storytelling: Sugarless (music video)

    Well I think the story may appear very clear if you impose your own preconceptions on what is shown without questioning it. Wich is legit anyway. I mean you can enjoy it however you want. But if you start looking for what isn't shown, maybe you could find something that starts questioning your...
  4. Incubo

    The subtle way of storytelling: Sugarless (music video)

    That's really the weakest part of the video, you found out immediatly ahah. Not much the transition itslef, I think, but the shots are horrible: they were taken some time apart and with a different angle, plus the sun was a bitch. Whenever you wonder if that was filmed at night or during the...
  5. Incubo

    Another Mini-Film. Did I succeed in telling the story (Part 3)?

    Personally I'd have connected some shots together (I don't see the necessity to have a shot for the protagonist waking up, another one for her taking the cellphone, aaand another one for her reacting to it for example), but apart from this it was overall pretty good 👍
  6. Incubo

    The subtle way of storytelling: Sugarless (music video)

    Wow thank you very much, that was really kind. That's a very romantic interpretation indeed. I thought his cigarette was more about the acceptance of death. Anyway I would really appreciate also something you didn't personally like or anything you'd have changed
  7. Incubo

    The subtle way of storytelling: Sugarless (music video)

    Here’s my first music video. I made it for a band some time ago. Due to its lengthy intro and narrative nature, it could very well be considered a short film. I think there are two ways of storytelling: -the standard one: the most common in mainstream media. Everything has an explanation; it...
  8. Incubo

    Sinner - Short Movie

    Hi, I'll give my modest feedback. I really think you need a tripod. For many, at a conscious level, the difference between a still camera and a little shaky camera isn't really a problem, nor they find it disturbing. But I think that, for everyone, at least at a subconscious level, it makes the...
  9. Incubo

    "1985" - Italian Sci-Fi Short Film Trailer

    In the end I released it some time ago. It was only screened once in a cinema. I don't know if I should make a thread with it because on one hand I would like to hear some comments; but on the other I think people could easily find it too long and boring. So, after almost one year, here's to...
  10. Incubo

    Action/Mystery MINI-FILM. 1:30 runtime. Did I succeed in telling the story?

    Hey! I would really love to hear your example but I think you forgot the link 😅
  11. Incubo

    Action/Mystery MINI-FILM. 1:30 runtime. Did I succeed in telling the story?

    Trying to get in topic again 🤗 without sounding too repetitive. About the shaky cam: I don't think its purpose can purely be reduced to mirroring documentary footage or amateur style filmmaking. If used correctly, it can convey fellings of action and dynamism in my opinion. That's why I think it...
  12. Incubo

    Humanity Trailer Final version (Hopefully) Feedback Appreciated!

    From what I've read about your project, it reminded me a lot about Marco Brambilla's work. I hope you're familiar with it, in order to take a different approach to the subject. I think anyway his work (also given the circumstances, he had a whole team and a budget to make it) looks a bit more...
  13. Incubo

    NOIR TALES - a shortmovie with long production

    Immagino il grande lavoro che dev'esserci stato dietro. Eppure non perché il lavoro è stato tanto e faticoso significa che il prodotto finale sia buono. Senza offesa per tutte le persone che hanno preso parte al video, ma penso che certe idee rimangano belle solo sulla carta. Certo, ci sta fare...
  14. Incubo

    Looking for feedback

    Well, to be a newbie, you already know a lot about professional gear and it seems like you own a good camera as well, so maybe you aren't really a newbie after all? ;) Anyway, the work is obviously very polished and well crafted. The only kind of criticism I could make is that it doesn't really...
  15. Incubo

    I Challenge You to a Duel!

    I'm very sorry I won't be able to partecipate due to commitments, and, if the theme is really going to be pasta in the end, as an italian, I'm painfully embittered. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on the competition.
  16. Incubo

    "1985" - Italian Sci-Fi Short Film Trailer

    It's coming out probably next year. Also I'd like to point out, it's gonna be a really different kind of sci-fi experience, unlike anything you've ever seen. I hope it will make people reflect upon the way we are living, and to understand the urge for a change. That said, most movies realize it...
  17. Incubo

    "1985" - Italian Sci-Fi Short Film Trailer

    Actually this is not the pitch trailer. As I mentioned in the post, this is the trailer for the pitch trailer. It may sound funny but it really is a trailer of a trailer ahah. We'll be releasing the pitch trailer next year, and in that there's gonna be the context for the story, so good guys...
  18. Incubo

    "1985" - Italian Sci-Fi Short Film Trailer

    I made all of this with a Nikon D5300, a tripod, a bunch of shitty lights, some friends and DaVinci Resolve (my best friend). I would really like to know if, by watching it, you'd say this was made with no money; and if yes, then where it shows. Anyway, this is a trailer for a pitch trailer of...
  19. Incubo


    Hello, I'm an italian amateur filmmaker, I study film history at university. Occasionally I make small no-budget features. My philosophy about filmmaking is "substance over style". Despite poor means, I've got big dreams. Keep on dreaming everyone!