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    film-school Building a solid film-making meetup for Learning

    Are you looking for people so you can work together on projects? Or is it about finding people to talk things through with? Or is it just community?
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    film-school Filmmaking Tips

    This is cool. Did you make these?
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    directing Tell me what works?

    This is cool - very artistic. What was your inspiration?
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    I love Adam Curtis

    Thank you!
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    Has anyone done an online course about filmmaking that was good?

    I've watched the ones and thought they were interesting. And I started "Inside the Edit" though it was so slow. Any recommendations? Where do people go to learn about being better filmmaking (and not talking about software, lighting and cameras).
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    I love Adam Curtis

    ... and documentary filmmaking that has a strong voice to it. I make films for the BBC, New York Times and anyone else who likes ideas films. If you work in this genre do get in touch. I'm obsessed with about how to become a better filmmaker.