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  1. Unknown Screenwriter

    business Just lost my film company domain url name

    If you do keep the new domain If you decide to keep it... All depends on your finances of course but if you keep it? Make sure you configure any additional urls with domain forwarding i.e., have each and every extra domain you register, point to the actual domain of the website you have up and...
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    logline Help me with the logline

    Here's what I don't understand... You already have this: In my story, the protagonist, a young man, grapples with an internal struggle. He believes he possesses the divine ability to foresee and prevent future accidents, unknowingly unaware that his 'gift' is a manifestation of mental illness...
  3. Unknown Screenwriter

    screenplay Voice v Structure

    First off? I love structure. I rely on structure to help me make that first draft. Structure allows me to write that first draft down and dirty. I look at it as simply a coat rack to hang my story on. You can say anything you want about structure but in my humble opinion, it's the roadmap that...
  4. Unknown Screenwriter

    critique Criticism much needed

    Because in the middle of Tucker digging the hole, Harley asks him outright why he's digging a hole. The exchange didn't really come off like Harley was joking with him -- at least not to me. If you want to present Tucker hating Teslas and Tesla drivers? It might be best to simply have him...
  5. Unknown Screenwriter

    Shia LeBeouf the Story Thief

    Shooting stray dogs to help get into character? I'd like to help him get into character.
  6. Unknown Screenwriter

    critique I really need feedback on my screenplay. It's only a few pages

    Looks like it... *EDIT: Since you took your script down? It would help for you to just continue the original thread where we first discussed it if you decide to repost a newer version.
  7. Unknown Screenwriter

    critique I really need feedback on my screenplay. It's only a few pages

    I think this time around we need to know what your plans are for this script... Is it just practice? Do you plan on shooting it yourself? Do plan on submitting to some kind of a competition? I'm asking these questions because my feedback would be different depending on what you plan on doing...
  8. Unknown Screenwriter

    IndieTalk is 20!

  9. Unknown Screenwriter

    critique Criticism much needed

    Well to be honest? It was a difficult read for me because of the all the typos and incorrect script formatting. Too many to count but I guess since you're shooting this yourself and I assume directing it as well, that shouldn't be a problem. As for the story... First off? I'm not buying Tucker...
  10. Unknown Screenwriter

    I want to start off strong

    I've discussed this elsewhere on the forum but in today's world? My humble opinion is to go after Managers. Agents will rarely, if ever, read an unsolicited spec script. They will read referrals if the person referring your script is someone they know and trust but the majority of the time? They...
  11. Unknown Screenwriter

    distribution Scam or legit?

    Let's just say it's legit... There's still a problem. Most of these pitching festivals and or opportunities [sic] are in fact technically legit but let me drill it down for you. Nobody that can actually MAKE A DEAL ever goes to these events. The reps production companies send to these events...
  12. Unknown Screenwriter

    critique Anomalies - First 7 pages of feature film idea - would appreciate feedback.

    A montage is used to convey a theme... i.e., all your shots in the montage contribute to and reinforce the same idea or mini-story. Think ROCKY and his training montages. A series of shots is usually used to speed up the time within a series of events rather than tell a complete story. As for...
  13. Unknown Screenwriter

    critique Anomalies - First 7 pages of feature film idea - would appreciate feedback.

    Well I attempted to read your pages but you got me at the wrong time... I'll have to be in a completely different mood to read them all the way through. You wrote: INT. CLAPHAM LIBRARY - AFTERNOON RICHARD (20s) strides quickly, head down, avoiding the confused eyes of his audience: a CROWD OF...
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    I love that song...
  15. Unknown Screenwriter

    misc New Short Film Ganger (2023)

    Just watched it... While I did like it, I think I liked what this could have been. Just didn't seem quite tight enough. Ran long in a few spots but still... It was fun to watch and I take my hat off to you for getting it done!
  16. Unknown Screenwriter

    An interesting look at how long it took a talented actor to get recognized in Hollywood

    Watch him play Louie the loan shark in PHOENIX. He steals every scene he's in.
  17. Unknown Screenwriter

    story How can I further develop this supernatural horror movie of mine?

    You wrote: But the main story of my movie is about a 27 year old male American by the name of Duncan. Duncan is struggling to buy a home where he can live. Due to a coincidence, he then met a stranger who offered him a large beautiful mansion for a cheap price. The mansion is also still in good...
  18. Unknown Screenwriter

    Tap Water is Cancerous

    My family drinks a hell of a lot of water... More than most and I went down this rabbit hole myself a few years ago. I won't get into the discussion of cancer and all that but I do find some relief knowing that we're filtering out as much as possible. In fact, there are quite a bit PFAS in a lot...
  19. Unknown Screenwriter

    critique "On a Whim" (4 Pages) - Screenplay - Feedback much much needed

    So I had to read through this a few times in order to understand it. If I'm correct, you're showing an old man who's lost his wife after many years of marriage. I wouldn't say this is garbage as much as I'd say it's HARD TO UNDERSTAND. In the beginning of the script, are these flashbacks the...
  20. Unknown Screenwriter

    screenplay What are typical lengths of successful screenplays?

    Don't let it PUZZLE you. LOL. I've looked at a hell of a lot (hundreds) of newbieISH wannabe screenwriters' screenplays over the years and nobody has ever once not overwritten. I'm more than willing to concede that you don't overwrite... As long as you do not. I'm willing to bet that you do...