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    actors Who is that one actor that never fails to amaze you ?

    Hi, sorry I did not realise here is the link to the website There is a where to see it page. I worked with old hall films who made the film that's why I am eager to promote the film!:)
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    news ‘Succession’ and ‘The Bear’ Win at 2023 TCA Awards: Full List

    the bear and succession are two series i need to watch asap their going on my watch list !!
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    actors Who is that one actor that never fails to amaze you ?

    I just watched wait for me on amazon and karen hassan is one actress that never fails to amaze me I just think she can adapt to whatever role she is given, you can watch it here for anyone who wants to give the film a watch I would deffo recommend...
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    ChatGPT thread

    ChatGPT is crazy it's mental what it can do but if I was a copy writer I would be getting rather worried about being out of a job soon, who would pay for someone when they can get AI bots and apps to do it for you?
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    What are you listening to right NOW!

    guilty new pleasure - vampire olivia rodrigo
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    this is now available to buy online! I just bought it to watch with friends on Amazon prime great film even the second time round
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    series What series are you watching?

    I have just started watching time with sean bean in it and it's just as good the second time round, really gets your heart strings going. I also heard there was a second season coming out does anyone know when this is as I cannot wait
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    I just watched the premiere of the new Wait For Me film in Halifax the other night followed by a Q&A it's premiering at HOME in Manchester this weekend you can get tickets for it still
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    misc Instant camera

    this looks like a great little camera i have a polaroid but this looks better as its smaller to carry round!
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    series What series are you watching?

    I have just watched the night manager on amazon prime could not recommend this enough, short series but great !
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    movies Movie Locations Thread

    the trailer is now out for this film, you'll be able to see the locations where it's filmed. Looks like a great film I think i'm going to go to the q & a screening that their holding in Halifax since its in my hometown, why not ...
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    favorite What is your favorite Rom-Com? 💕😂

    Oh this is a good one but only at christmas! I have to say i love just go with it, how to be single and friends with benefits
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    movies Movie Locations Thread

    I always do this i always find it so interesting when something is filmed in my home town (which is Halifax) the latest film that I had seen been filmed here was the Wait For Me film which will premiere in march I think. Although happy valley isnt a film a lot of that series was filmed in...
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    series What series are you watching?

    I am now currently watching The white lotus i would recommend, i have also just watched the first half of the season of you and i have to say i thoroughly enjoy it. It is deffo better than the season before cant wait for the second half to come out !
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    industry How do I get listed on IMDB?

    IMBD is a great way to get reviews for you're film hope you managed to get this sorted
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    Aliens don't speak English, and planets aren't like Earth.

    i actually do think there has to be other life out there it would be amazing if something was actually discovered
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    tv What are the most Boring TV shows you've ever watched?

    there is a lot of bad an boring tv out there, soap shows there always pretty rubbish and ridiculous if you ask me !
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    movies Very Few People I Talk to LIKE Modern Day Oscar Winning Films....

    i definitely think that there is a difference in taste between the general public and film makers, I can't really explain how and why but I think that there is
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    The topic of being Organized

    I personally think that you can never been too organised in my opinion
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    actors Favorite Christian Bale performance?

    I have to say i think my favourite performance is him in the batman movies, there hard to beat such great films