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  1. BenjamminHammin

    Kythera Zero- Animated Short

    Description: In the near future, a group of terrorists led by the hulking cyborg, General Hawk, are stealing valuable tech. But when our hero, a cyborg detective named Ada intercepts their ploy, they find themselves in the fight of their lifetime!! Will General Hawk win the day, or can Ada put...
  2. BenjamminHammin

    campaign Animated Pilot Kickstarter!

    We're launching a Kickstarter based on our award winning short, Kythera Zero! The short was a passion project produced on a $200 and a sushi dinner for the animators. Now we wanna go higher and make animation history! We'd love to have anybody spread the word as we're a small studio trying to...
  3. BenjamminHammin

    Hello all!

    My name is Ben Sutherland, I'm an animator/screenwriter who graduated from UArts in Philly. I'm currently working to start up a studio with friends called Studio Y.G.Krow. We made an award winning animated short called Kythera Zero and are currently working on getting the project funded and...