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    KnyaZz - Pierro

    oh, I told that in the west love orphans... 1 Once there lived a lonely orphan... 2 who had 2 extraordinary friends... 3 the three of them lived happily until evil... 4 Didn't try to capture (pride lands) 5 Luckily, the @hero defeated the @villain with: И And everyone lived happily ever after.
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    KnyaZz - Pierro

    So, ok. About english Oz. Dorothy is an orphan. Good (or rather bad). But why? Unclear. (in the Russian version, she has both parents). OK. Further. In Oz, Toto is a voiceless dog. In the Russian Emerald City - Toto is talking. Let's just say it's trifles. But then the Iron Lumberjack gets a...
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    KnyaZz - Pierro

    Perhaps, in the opinion of a Western person, there was a normal level of violence in them) But in the opinion of the Soviet, there was too much violence there. I will try to open the book tomorrow (I have both in Russian - both Oz and its Russian version) and give some examples. Also in the...
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    KnyaZz - Pierro

    no, this song from 2014 year. But many songs of this group are based on the idea of "terrible tales" * And about Pierro. The children's film "The Adventures of Buratino" was released in the Soviet Union in 1976. He is not evil, but kind (including negative characters)...
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    KnyaZz - Pierro

    yeah, its old (30+ on scene) russian punk-rock group. And song: A white face, a black tear, and sad eyes are full of tragedy. People are arrogant, he hates everyone, plugs his ears if he hears someone laugh. The eternal misfortune in heat and cold is...
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    movies Halloween

    may be HARDCORE Henry?)
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    software-related What is your favourite old-game?)

    first version of тeтris `1985 for ibм ) => :lol:
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    software-related What is your favourite old-game?)

    MK my)
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    movies Halloween

    yeah, Horror is)
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    KnyaZz - Pierro

    our work)
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    tv Drive to survive

    drive to survive;)
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    Environmental disaster in Tashkent

    It was dark in the city for three days. A curtain of dust covered the sky. The sun was barely breaking through. It's dangerous to open the window...
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    watch Lindemann - Allesfreser

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    misc Low-budget LOTR from Russia.

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    watch My Visual Effects Demo Reel 2020

    Класс! Молодец. nice. Why you take Maya AND 3D-Max both? This is similar programs i think.
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    What are you listening to right NOW!

    Rammstein - Puppe
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    watch Terminator come back...

    "Probka (the Cork)"
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    watch THE WHISTLE - horror short film (my first)

    Ich denke, dass niemand aufhören muss) i think its good idea!