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    Masterpieces of a city: Rome

    I really like your video. Nice editing and flow! Rome is the most beautiful city I've ever seen. Can't wait to go back. On a different note: I think this is the more appropriate forum? I think here is more for actual filmmaking questions as...
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    Thank you very much @mlesemann !
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    Thank you!
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    Thank you! Cool. What's the max aperture on the 24mm-70mm? How pricey was it? The ones I am finding for Sony are pretty pricey. But I am also ogling Sony or Zeiss lenses because I want reliable auto focus for when I am experimenting and don't have a camera operator.
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    German Voice Over

    I speak German natively (trilingual). Feel free to DM me.
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    acting tips for beginners?

    If you are able to and if you get in go to one of the top schools worldwide: London: Guildhall, LAMDA, RADA, Central, etc. America: Julliard, NYU Tisch, Yale, etc. If you can't afford those, there are good acting studios as well that you can go to: William Esper Studio (NYC) (wrote 2 great...
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    Focal Lengths Questions (THE FEELING)

    Hello. Right now I have a 35mm and a 50mm which are both APS-C. (I own a Sony A7s I) I am thinking of upgrading to a full frame lens that's either around the 24mm or the 35mm range. Kind of leaning towards 24mm because I often end up experimenting and setting shots up of myself in my place and...
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Into the Spiderverse: 10 Aquaman: 7.5 / 8 Crimes of Grindelwald: 5 Absolutely loved the animated Spiderman film. Writing, music, characters, ... it was delicious. Aquaman: I was very positively surprised. A couple of times I was like: "this is a genre switch, what the hell just happened", but...
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    Hello, Director and screenwriter in New York City. Currently own a Sony A7s I and two cheap APS-C lenses (50mm and 35mm). Hoping to go full frame 24mm soon. Still on the fence whether I should go with a 35mm or the 24mm. I'm still learning and this is why I decided to join this forum. Learn...