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    Screenwriter from Sweden here

    Hello! :hi:
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the learning curve! :)
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    misc Being autistic in the film industry...

    Don't accept it. In the end, "social interaction" is just another set of rules that you can learn. I have one son on the spectrum, diagnosed relatively early in his life (at about age 7) so he's had time to be "trained" but only so that he could achieve his ambitions. Professionally, he's ended...
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    Greetings from across the water! :hi:
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    critique BackTrack Short Script critique requested

    D'you mean I'll have to collaborate with @Geezer if I want a Version 3.0 ? :cry: Goes off to check indietalk's T&Cs re plagiarism ... :seeya:
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    pre-pro My First Short Film

    Or an extendable 1.25-2m mop-handle in the supermarket! ;)
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    camera Timelapse with Regular Speed at Same Time

    If you set up the shot carefully, it should be relatively easy and effective. You need your artist to perform in front of a background that doesn't have any (significant) environmental movement, e.g. a wall/corner/shopfront; and then have your frame also contain areas of busy movement (road...
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    critique BackTrack Short Script critique requested

    Overall, I like the concept, but some of the details feel a bit off. I'm with @directorik on this point - it seems more natural to me that a random nerd would spot something like this than the rather tortuous alternative in version 2. I was bothered from the start by this: they're in...
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    watch Stylized Noir-Style Music Video - Looking for feedback

    Agree with @onebaldman about the static shots - the digital pan/zooms don't really work (especially when repeated) and the proportions are that annoying "nearly-the-same-but-not-quite" scale that makes it look like a bad attempt at compositing. The switch between "film noir" and "glitch"...
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    Greetings from Turkey

    Hello! :hi:
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    misc Filming Miniature Ship and using MoCo

    Not exactly. That formula is used to make ancillary motion appear lifelike, i.e. slowing down the movement of anything that might be disturbed by the action of the primary model, e.g. dust kicked up, falling bricks or girders, bodies being thrown into the air. The technique makes the environment...
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    misc People going back to physical media.

    One thing that I really like about physical media - proper, old-style analog physical media - is that you can see the creativity. On a reel of film, you can marvel at the movement of a car or a hand across individual frames; on a vinyl disc, you can "read" the music straight off the grooves...
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    New member

    Guten Tag :hi: from the other side of the Rhine.
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    misc Online Resource

    The more attributes you add in, the more difficult it'll be to find a disease that matches. Also, if you're going for maximum realism, you'll need to think of a lot more than just the symptoms. A genetic disease, by definition, is present at birth and if it affects either physical or mental...
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    misc Online Resource

    Apart from the "increased strength" they're all signs of cretinism. There's a rare genetic cause, but it's usually of (maternal) dietary origin. Or at least it used to be. The genetic variant may be more "common" now by virtue of the fact that most table salt these days has iodine added to it...
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    critique Feedback needed

    Well despite the grammatical and vocabulary errors, I read it through to the end. Hmm. Overall, it just doesn't ring true. From what I've read about the cheer-leading community, if there's any emphasis on weight, it's the colleges themselves that impose and supervise target weights, as well as...
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    misc Filming Miniature Ship and using MoCo

    A little later than planned, I'm back! Mingling went on longer than expected ... :blush: OK, to business: this is probably one of those situations that would be so much easier to figure out on-site, but based on what you've written above and what I'm seeing in the test footage, here are my...
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    industry Life after Pi

    This is something that drives me crazy, trying to work in France. The rules say that I must be given 35 hours a week, and only 35 hours a week because anything more would be exploitation, so my employers are penalised heavily if they get me to do overtime (25% extra per hour for the hours 36-39...
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    pre-pro Documentary/short film topic suggestions

    Well, I'll admit that when I first read your post, I was reminded of all those who post on another forum I visit asking "honeymoon suggestions please" :seeya: Yup - you're asking a bunch of creative people, who live by the ideas they generate on their own (or enhance those of someone they're...
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    misc Online Resource

    What you're looking for could be quite difficult. Is this based on a real-life sufferer of this disease? Genetic disorders create a very specific set of illnesses according to the genetic defect, usually of a "fundamental" nature, and it's unlikely that any random combination of observable...