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    watch first short film drama Father Time

    Hey guys, this is my first true try at making an in depth drama. I tried to get real emotions and capture a really dark feeling. But unfortunately my editor and cinematographer were like me very in-experienced. But still please have a look and let me know what you all think of it...
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    watch Father Time 2015 Official Trailer

    Hey Guys, as I have finished my Short Film called Father Time, Which has been accepted in Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Los Angeles CineFest and Online International Film Festival I though I'd make a trailer to promote it, but was wondering if you guys would give me some...
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    I THINK this short film Festival is a SCAM

    I don't want to point fingers doing research about which festival to enter, I came across this festival and it just seemed dodgy to me. So I started to dig around and waited for this festival to finish. The Winners announced, but I cant find the winning films anywhere. Here are my reasons that I...
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    watch Please Honest and Brutal opinion

    Hey guys, and girls So let me tell you some background about this short. 2 years ago i had a script, a really solid script for a short, but had no previous experience and no crew plus Real Actors didn't want to work with me. So I had this 3am Idea to shoot a (very short) short film, with me and...
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    Looking for a composer for a short film festival bound

    Hey guys and girls, my name is Dimitri. I along with my cast and crew have recently finished shooting a 16 min short film (life/ drama/ mystery) and are now looking for a composer, to enhance the emotion portrayed in the film. The film will be festival bound, once the music is done. The short...
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    watch Father Time

    Hey guys, I am making this thread just to keep every one updated on a current short film that I am making called Father Time. Father Time is a short film about the lengths a father will go to save all that's dear to him. When left with no choice, one must wonder what would he give to see his...
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    limited scenes limited actors films

    so I've recently watched The EXAM 2009 film, and the whole film was set in one room, but was still quite enjoyable, and so was wondering what are your favourite films like that; sleuth, saw, 12 angry men, because all of these films are on a low budget, with limited actors but are genuinely are...
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    watch fast pace action trailer vs drama driven trailer, which one is better?

    hey guys so i have uploaded two very different trailers for the same short film, and am curious to know which one makes the film look more appealing and which one would you choose to watch based on the two trailers action paced drama paced...
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    watch love for the game trailer

    this is the first trailer for a short film that i want to "paste together", using over 7 years of footage taken, i will shoot the voice over and needed scenes hopefully on Sataurday if its good whether and will turn it into a drama short film, most of these scenes will be cutdown or completly...
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    Bruce willis says there will be Die Hard 6!!

    so i was wondering what is every-one thoghts about it?? i love the die hard anthology not so much the 5th one, but still enjoyed for John Mclane, but another one??
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    Writing a non linear surreal script! And need help

    Hey guys, I have written a story and my mate said that it has lot potential to be really good. But he said I have to write it correctly and take my time with it, and that I have to do it in surreal way and non linear, so I know how to write a script sort of, but need help to write properally...
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    Hello, i'm new and true

    hey guys and girls, i'm new to this forum, my passion has always been in movies since a little kid, i use to be in theatre but then stopped and am now trying to get into short films, i live in Australia, but would love to co-make films with different countries.
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    watch my first Short film the Esoteric

    Hey guys, this film i made to get the feeling back of what its like to be behind and in front of the camera. I feel like the ending doesn't really end, but because this was only a 1 day shoot, I wanted to emphasise on Aliens and religion, being both misunderstood, and both maybe having...
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    Canon 5d mark 3 vs Canon Legria XA10 vs ???

    Hey guys, so i already have a semi profesional camcoder, but want to upgrade to make short films for festivals and maybe independent feature, so i was wondering if you can maybe suggest which one is better the 5d mark 3 is $3,450 for just the body where as Canon Legria XA10 is $2,100 with two...