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    watch The Manual (2017) Sci-Fi/Post Apocalyptic/AI centric short film!

    looks really cool!! you guys did a great job
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    watch first short film drama Father Time

    Hey guys, this is my first true try at making an in depth drama. I tried to get real emotions and capture a really dark feeling. But unfortunately my editor and cinematographer were like me very in-experienced. But still please have a look and let me know what you all think of it...
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    watch Father Time

    The trailer for the film is now available. I hope to receive some feedback from you guys. I did not want to give away anything important to the story so decided to go with more of a mystery feel for the trailer. Hope you guys enjoy it, and give some good feedback...
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    watch Father Time 2015 Official Trailer

    Hey Guys, as I have finished my Short Film called Father Time, Which has been accepted in Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Los Angeles CineFest and Online International Film Festival I though I'd make a trailer to promote it, but was wondering if you guys would give me some...
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    I THINK this short film Festival is a SCAM

    I don't want to point fingers doing research about which festival to enter, I came across this festival and it just seemed dodgy to me. So I started to dig around and waited for this festival to finish. The Winners announced, but I cant find the winning films anywhere. Here are my reasons that I...
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    Looking for a composer for a short film festival bound

    Hi, I would like to thank every one who applied, but the position has been filled. Thank you,
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    Which ending for my script is better?

    I'm glad we got on the same page now. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't considered on the same level as H44
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    Which ending for my script is better?

    I don't want to get into an argument here, but for Sweetie, my examples of big names represented that until that part of the movie, they were considered to be the main character. Godzilla trailer sold a different take then what the movie was, and after the success of Breaking Bad, the studio...
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    Which ending for my script is better?

    I gave example of where the big names die. as some one wrote to create more tension and have the audience guessing who is the Protagonist of the film
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    Which ending for my script is better?

    have a look at Quentin Tarantino films, all of them are heavily influenced by other films.
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    watch Please Honest and Brutal opinion

    Thanks man, I'm currently about to finish the production on the new short film. But I hope I'm not the only who gets nervous and afraid of their own work.
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    watch Please Honest and Brutal opinion

    I couldn't help but laugh the whole time I was reading this. But I do understand what you are saying, and thank you a lot on the compliment on the test video.
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    Which ending for my script is better?

    there are plenty of films which have the protagonist killed, and in his case if the story follows the two cops then they are both Protagonists and both main leads. So if he wants to ""fool" the audience in to falling for one, and then playing on the emotion that it was the other one, that's...
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    Which ending for my script is better?

    Second ending is in my opinion more of a "oh is that the twist, its the same as every film" so I would keep to the original ending
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    watch Please Honest and Brutal opinion

    Hey guys, and girls So let me tell you some background about this short. 2 years ago i had a script, a really solid script for a short, but had no previous experience and no crew plus Real Actors didn't want to work with me. So I had this 3am Idea to shoot a (very short) short film, with me and...
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    watch Shooting an action scene!

    this is my honest opinion as a movie viewer not film maker: it made little sense, who is firing at @26? because while running down the guy in the white didnt have any weapons. Then Agent Joseph Kosinski went from a close up with sparks flying suggesting he is near some sort of damaged power cord...
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    Critique my short screenplay

    hey is it just me, or is page 4 missing. Also is this suppose to be a thriller mystery with elements of suspense? As far as I understand either he is tripping balls, but its only weed so that's not the case or some one is following him, which means that either the man in the begging of the story...
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    Which ending for my script is better?

    hey man, so let me get this straight you have the main cop, lets call him Jerry and the Corrupt cop Tom. ' So this is your story from what i understand. Jerry is an honest cop with a family, he is portrayed as one of the good guys, who doesn't take bribes, helps the community. in the department...
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    watch 10K Feature Film

    as a teaser it works. you can clearly see that the film has production value in it's audio and color grading, as far as showing that its a comedy, not really i got more of indie life drama from the teaser.
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    watch Space Pilots - "Warp Drive-Thru" (Sci-Fi Comedy)

    exactly my point, no hard feeling to the Actor portraying Navin, but staring at him for 5 mins with few seconds of the screen while Artie answers is not the most entertaining. So it is better in that sense when he does interact with other hunters, he plays of another actor and that provides a...