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    story Throw away ideas, that can turn into a story

    I have a new idea A lonely man enters a mental asylum named Ressurection whose one liner called " A refuge for phychological growth " and the symbol that he somehow imagined as the face of an alien that are parallel lines inside his distorted alternate reality where somwhere down the memory...
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    Ok, so here's my decent dab at video editing, not sure it's creativity though because I doubt an array of video clips from existing movies could mean something otherwise, but still for the sake of just simply posting I used the basic tutorials of openshot for creating this.
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    movies Movies from a Parallel Universe

    Amazing NeuroArt is a channel where we collect the coolest works of neural networks that literally create new worlds and turn familiar things into amazing curiosities.
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    movies What does indietalk things about Indian Cinema

    Thanks so much indietalk for sharing this I read the whole thing and Smiled as an audience.
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    Black Rock Canyon

    I agree with the stunning graphics But what worked for me was the subtle music at the beginning which paused and changed to epic. The deviation there was paramount, in regard to the cat. Indeed. self-deception is an art. lol.
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    The Deer Crossing

    For what its worth, You're doing what the other 99% are NOT doing, and that's a common trait for all the great men. So I would strongly suggest you to focus on yourself, not the others.
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    directors Who is the best director of all time?

    @directorik Just because you said Akira Kurosawa, and saw APU Trilogy thought you might check this out just my throwaway to the list of the...
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    directors Who is the best director of all time?

    Agreed. My best movie by Spielberg is AI, terrific ending, and it truly moved me.
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    Maerd - The last Save Point demo

    I am a big fan of computer Games, and love movies too. I think this maze concept is very similar to the Portal franchise designed by Valve. It was a highly successful game. I think the narration Test for The Red Mansion worked wonders for me. So I highly encourage you to follow that approach...
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    I thought I was poor at interpretation
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    Art Exhibits

    You are right on track.
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    I think the visuals were highly synonymous with the music, and that balance made this genuinely magical.
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    you are a truly original thinker.
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    Narration Test - The Red Mansion

    That was a meritoriously observant cat, and conscious too... There was a dilemma as to whether he should go for the opening, or follow the voice inside until I saw this,.... "he watched from the shadows, analyzing the pattern, looking for an opening to cross. Every few hours, the car beast...
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    directors Who is the best director of all time?

    Mara and directorik nailed it.
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    actors Favorite Christian Bale performance?

    Bruce Wayne was awesome liked him in Prestige too..
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    Beneath the Full Moon

    You've nailed it as a Fun Horror movie.
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    favorite What's your favorite old technology movie?

    Terminator 2 Loved the scene when arnold shattered robert partick, then slowly the liquids assembled from scratch and became whole again. Awesome. Arnold felt as real as a robot can be. In my humble opinion.:)