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    acting What does an actor/actress want from a director?

    The ability to communicate clearly and concisely.
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    news Amazon’s New Tool Adjusts Sound So You Can Actually Understand Movie and TV Dialogue

    Of course, the mixing could be better in the first place. That is one of the things I strived for in the projects that I mixed. I also tried to cut the dialog to be clear (replacing unintelligible lines, etc.), tried to keep the Foley and Sound Effects from clashing with the DX, plus...
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    movies Movie Locations Thread

    When I lived in the NY Tri-State area I would go into NYC quite a bit. Not only would you see locations used in many TV shows and films, but you would be unable to walk down certain streets as they were shooting at the time. Like the time I came out of a meeting and they were shooting "I Am...
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    favorite What is your favorite Rom-Com? 💕😂

    Music and Lyrics. As a former working musician it's fun.
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    tv Openings

    Since I spent most of my life in the music biz I tend to focus on the theme songs. I like the opening of "Person of Interest" evolved its opening over the seasons. The finish showed that week's number. A favorite show of mine. I love the kick-ass women!
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    Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    Too bad they don't have anyone with scuba or snorkel gear wearing shark fins swimming around the lake. Then they could reach out and grab legs when "Bruce" attacks. I'm sure some people would freak and fall off of their inner tube. A truly immersive experience. (Bud-ump--chah! I was going...
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    Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    What I remember most about "Jaws" was going with my girlfriend. She was clutching my arm during all the violent parts. As we were walking out of the theater, I noticed that my arm was a bit wet. Beverly had gripped my arm so hard her long nails broke my skin, and I had streaks of blood...
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    The topic of being Organized

    There was a study a while ago comparing offensive linemen and defensive linemen (American rules football). The offensive linemen, who are charged with protecting the quarterback, have lockers that are very neat. The defensive linemen, whose job is to pound the QB into the ground, tend to have...
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    The topic of being Organized

    When I had my studio, it was incredibly organized, and I worked hard to keep it that way. My personal life was/is also organized, and I stick to a strict schedule. This way, when the 'creative frenzy' hits me, or a sudden impulse to have some fun, or an emergency crops up, everything is where...
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    foley Abuse of stock sound effects hurting a project's identity(?)

    It's all about the budget. Yes, there are limited choices for some type of sound effects, but, especially on serial shows, there is limited time and limited budget. So, many sound folks default to the quality sounds they can find quickly, even though they would rather do the really fun part of...
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    favorite What's your favorite old technology movie?

    Then "In the Good Old Summertime" followed by "You've Got Mail." Hmmm.... a marathon/binge in the making.... A favorite of mine is "The Day the Earth Stood Still." In some ways it's dated, and yet in others still holds up after 70+ years.
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    Making a movie about people talking of the interstellar war.

    Another reference novel to film adaptation you should check out is "Twelve O'Clock High." The film is excellent, the TV series was only OK.
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    movies Suggest me films like Dr Strangelove, Life of Brian and The Holy Grail

    Then you might enjoy this. It's a spoof on the Beatles. Monty Python alum Eric Idle co-directed and fellow Python Neil Innes plays one of the band members. BTW, most of the complete songs are available on YouTube. Just for fun, the song "Hold My Hand" has seventeen (17) distinct...
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    dialogue Thoughts on VO narration?

    I wouldn't consider the voice that Harold hears to be a voice over, as it actually interacts with the Harold. One of my favorite films, BTW.
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    Music Videos that are short movies

    I don't know if it qualifies, but I also kind of liked this one, too.
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    story It was all just a Dream

    How about one of you CGI/special effects wizards redo the ending. Pull back away from Dorothy in bed and reveal the ruby slippers under the bed.
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    movies Guilty Pleasure Movies!

    Galaxy Quest isn't a guilty pleasure; it's a great film. Some even consider it one of the best of the Star Trek franchise.