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    news Billy Eichner’s ‘Bros’ Almost Included a $30,000 ‘Butt Rig’ Sex Toy for Cut Rim Job Scene

    I agree that real life sexual orientation shouldn't factor in whether or not you get a role. From a marketing standpoint, it probably did way more harm than good. I just don't understand the anger towards "bigotry"? Dude made a gay movie and wanted gay people in it, and it failed. The upset tone...
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    news Billy Eichner’s ‘Bros’ Almost Included a $30,000 ‘Butt Rig’ Sex Toy for Cut Rim Job Scene

    Reading "heterophobic", "straight people have literally zero representation in this film" and "token straight person" made me feel like I was back on Facebook! That was a good read.
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    Pinky's Big Day

    Thank you!!
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    Pinky's Big Day

    Thanks Cameron!
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    Pinky's Big Day

    Much appreciation to both of your reviews, Nate. I enjoyed reading them immensely. I've heard about Unreal, I'll have to give it a look!
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    Pinky's Big Day

    I released my newest short film, Pinky's Big Day, earlier this month. It was 5 months of hot glue burns, late-night dollar store foam board runs, and as always.. lighting things on fire in unventilated spaces. I'd love to get some feedback on this, if you've got a few minutes to spare. Thanks...
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    New to IndieTalk, but not to Film!

    Hey Sam! I am also a filmmaker & video editor from South Carolina. Shoot me a message if you’d like to chat!
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    Ambient / Experimental Music.

    Oh I love this! Right up my alley.
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    Buddy Vs. Buddy - Short VFX Fight!!!

    Great work. I've done many split screen edits, and many fight sequences. Never both at once, though.
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    movies Napoleon Dynamite behind the scenes documentary

    I've been watching this movie since I was a kid, and every time I re-watch it I appreciate something new about it. It's such a great dry little comedy.
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    news How to Watch the 2022 Oscar Nominees in Theaters and at Home

    I really hope this is a death rattle for the Academy Awards. This is an incredibly helpful list though.
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    plot Outline for a prequel to John Carpenter's "They Live"

    So this may be the wrong place to post my theoretical screenplay of the sequel to Prince of Darkness, which will just be 3 hours of static and dutch angled churches.
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    screenplay What Stimulates Your Writing Skills and Creativity?

    I write comedies, and I have a hard time sitting at a computer trying to be funny. The thing that has helped me, is that I essentially sit outside with something recording me while I talk. I might be with a friend, or by myself. I just keep spewing out incoherent garbage that I think is funny...
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    movies The Great Question: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

    Genre-based categories on streaming sites. Otherwise, yep that's about it.
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    Just a filmmaker guy

    I'm a filmmaker and videographer based in South Carolina. I shoot weddings & events and do a lot of freelance editing, but on my own time I am mostly making comedy schlock because it's what I enjoy the most. But, if anyone needs help editing/shooting or just wants to talk about how bad The Santa...
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    series What series are you watching?

    I finished Cobra Kai and it's amazing how much juice they've been able to squeeze out of "guys who learned karate now teach karate". I'm still enjoying it, though all the walls of reality have collapsed in with a cool crane kick. It does a great job of feeling exactly like a forgotten 80's b-movie.
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    movies The Great Question: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

    Very late to this, but I'm always talking about this topic because it makes me wonder what makes a holiday movie? Halloween movies, for instance, rarely take place on the day. We just watch movies that give us the spooky feeling associated with it. Yet, we're not watching feel-good cheery movies...
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    One of my favorite aesthetics is "woke up in the middle of the night to find my TV took LSD" so this is wonderful!
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Maniac Pope sounds great.