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    watch A Walk With Zombies

    Nice. I'm glad they were well behaved :)
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Which Ed Wood movie?
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Do you mean Ed Wood & Del Toro are comparable directors? What parts in Birdman & Water have similar staging & camera choreography?
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Were they on more than one planet in the original series? I sometimes think of the 1st movie as Joey in Space.
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    How to hire a Literary Agent

    Makes a lot of sense, hamptonjack. Thanks!
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    Solo by Ron Howard

    Maybe there were Party City's in another galaxy a long time ago. People everywhere like to party!
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    Boxing video review

    Nice job! I wonder if you need something to show why he chose boxing instead of other jobs.
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    Solo by Ron Howard

    After all the negative buzz I'm surprised how fun this trailer looks!
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    Is TJ Millers Career Over?

    I'm sure his agent will recommend that. People can be pretty forgiving if you look like you're really sorry & you're humbled by douchebag purgatory for a few years.
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    Academy Award for Best Original Song

    Good point directorik, I usually tune out at the Best Song performances.
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    No more youtube revenue for us

    I see. So the algorithms automatically demonetize videos that aren't advertiser friendly. It seems to me YouTube could let advertisers choose ahead of time which of the popular creators & videos they want their commercials to appear on...
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    Messiah Complex Teaser/Trailer - Shot on Arri Alexa

    Looks pretty professional for the most part!
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    watch NINJA COP-80's style action short film (2:53)

    Cool! Are all those people you? Do you know about the 30 min. short Kung Fury?
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    favorite Favorite 1940s Films

    Great movie. I've always liked Late Spring more than Tokyo Story. It's so moving. The last scene kills me.
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    No more youtube revenue for us

    I can't find any mention of what YouTube could've found offensive with her videos about veganism, fitness, animal rights, & Persian culture. It's tough to know if she really was being censored. I wonder if YouTube will issue a statement.
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    No more youtube revenue for us

    Tragic results for what looks like mentally unbalanced YouTuber. 39 yr. old female YouTuber Nasim Aghdam shot & injured 3 people before killing herself at YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, California. She had been complaining for a while about YouTube's policies, saying her channels were...
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Baahubali: The Beginning (2015), & The Conclusion (2017), 7/10 On Netflix It's my first time watching Bollywood movies. These are two of their highest grossers, each about 2 hrs 40 mins. An epic fantasy of kingdoms & warriors with superhuman abilities, Indian style. At various times corny...
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    Spielberg, Cannes Say No to Netflix

    The Irishman directed by Scorsese is going straight to Netflix in 2019. It could be his most expensive movie yet. DeNiro, Pacino, Pesci, & Keitel, what a lineup. I hope it's good.
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    Spielberg, Cannes Say No to Netflix

    It's mostly lower budget films going to streaming that the studios don't want to make anyway. And Spielberg's saying to be part of their prestigious club those small films have to spend money to get in theaters. Well they don't usually have that money, they already spent it on making the...
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    Spielberg, Cannes Say No to Netflix

    Spielberg doesn't want Netflix & streaming services to be eligible for Oscars, & Cannes disqualifies Netflix from competition but will still show their films at the festival. Seems like smaller films & filmmakers would lose out on the economic benefits these awards can generate. That doesn't...